All about foot fetishism and foot eroticism

Learn more about foot fetishism and foot eroticism: Discover the fascination with feet, shoes, and associated practices, as well as the psychological aspects


by Bell Bennett

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All about foot fetishism and foot eroticism

In foot fetishism or foot eroticism, the object of desire is clearly the foot! But not only the foot alone, but also the shoes, socks, pantihose, and everything that dresses the foot is often the focus here.
It is difficult to draw a clear line between foot eroticism and foot fetishism, but you can separate the two a little. In foot eroticism, bare feet, feet in nylons, stroking and massaging the feet or even kissing play a role. But the foot is not the only part of desire. The woman or the man are also perceived as a whole, and desire arises even without the focus on the feet. Of course, you can also have sex with your feet, but that doesn't mean you have to have a foot fetish. You are probably asking yourself the question, “What exactly is a foot fetish?” With a foot fetish, the main focus is on the feet. For foot fetishists, other parts of the body no longer play a role and one is mainly aroused by the feet, shoes, socks or all accessories that clothes the foot. They also often only reaches their climax in connection with feet.

Where does the foot cult come from?

Already in ancient China, the so-called "lotus foot", a particularly small foot, was an ideal of beauty. Thankfully, the methods used to reduce the size of the feet are no longer in use today and are forbidden. Even the Brothers Grimm report in their fairy tale about Cinderella that the shoe must fit a very delicate and small foot.
If women have a small foot, it is associated with fertility, as this is supposed to be a sign of increased oestrogen levels, whereas a large foot is considered more masculine. Foot fetishism is the most common fetishism after lacquer and leather fetishism and is most common among men. Why this is the case, however, cannot be scientifically proven. What is known is that the areas in the brain for feet and toes are located next to the brain areas for the genitals, which probably leads to an overlapping of the stimuli.

Foot eroticism - what is it?

In foot eroticism, the feet play the main role. It doesn't matter if they are naked, in nylons or shoes. In foot eroticism, the foot is pampered. It is stroked, kissed or even massaged. The second part of foot eroticism is pampering WITH the foot. A "man" can carefully caress his partner's thighs with his foot, or any other part of the body. Experienced men can also use their feet or toes to gently caress the clitoris and penetrate the lady's vagina. The other way round, of course, it is just as possible for the woman to use her feet to caress the man. It is called a footjob when she caresses the man's penis with her feet and a toejob when she does it with her toes. Of course, both require a little practice and "foot tip feeling". Anything can have an erotic effect on the partner, depending on what he likes. This can be anklets, tattoos or even the pedicured foot itself, which attracts the partner. Despite the eroticism with the foot, however, the main component of the partnership remains the complete body of the partner. Foot eroticism is used to try out something new, or to bring some "momentum" into the sex life, or because the partner likes feet, but that brings us to the next question.

Find a suitable lady for a foot fetish date!

A woman putting on shoes for a foot fetishist

When are you a foot fetishist?

A foot fetishist, is mainly sexually aroused only by feet and the corresponding utensils, such as shoes, boots, socks or pantyhose. There are different types of foot fetishists.
One likes the finely pedicured narrow feet of a woman. He likes to massage them, kiss them, lick them or suck on them, toe-sucking. It doesn't always have to be the whole foot either, it can also be different parts that are particularly attractive to the foot fetishist. One likes the woman's toes and perhaps still has a precise idea of what the toes must look like, the other is more attracted to the ankles or the sole of the foot.

Another likes boots and the partner's shoes. Even the direct satisfaction of the penis with shoes is not uncommon, this sex practice is called shoejob. He licks over the shoes, smells them or has the shoes pressed into his face. Still others are aroused by the smell of feet and worn socks. In podophilia, the technical term for foot fetishism, it's like all sex practices: what turns one person on can be almost disgusting for another. So it's impossible to go into detail here about the different types of foot fetishists. Most of the time, the rest of the body hardly plays a role for the foot fetishist. What does play a big role in foot fetishism, however, is the submissiveness of the foot fetishist. This submissiveness is reflected, especially in kneeling down and kissing the feet.
Probably the best-known foot fetishist is Quentin Tarantino, who publicly admits his preference for feet and also shows it in films such as "Pulp Fiction" or "From Dusk Till Dawn" in which Quentin even licks Selma Hayek's feet. There is also speculation that Goethe and Elvis Presley found feet particularly attractive.

Other variants of foot fetishism

Trampling is very widespread in the BDSM scene, where the partner walks over the fetishist's body or individual parts of the body with his bare feet, with boots or with his desired shoe. Of course, a lot of things have to be taken into account here and the dominant and submissive behaviour of both partners is clearly in the foreground.
In crunching, food is crushed with the bare feet or with the shoes. The food is then eaten by the foot fetishist or he licks the shoes and/or feet clean afterwards, here too humiliation is the main focus.

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