The home visit on an escort date - this is how it works!

Learn how a house call works for an escort date. Tips on safety, discretion, and answers to frequently asked questions for aspiring escorts.


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

The home visit on an escort date - this is how it works!

Many people think directly of the film "Pretty Woman" when they hear the term "escort". A rich millionaire meets a lady, invites her to his hotel, they spend a few great days together in a luxury hotel. Of course, they only go out to eat in the most upscale and trendy restaurants and if the escort lady particularly appeals to the client, they get an expensive new handbag or a dress. That's not quite the way things are done in escorts. Yes, many clients are business clients who book an escort lady to a five-star hotel and take her out for a fancy dinner. Sometimes there is also a fine bottle of champagne or a small gift. But not all escort dates take place in hotels or restaurants. Some dates also take place at the escort clients' homes. What you have to consider here and what is important for booking an escort lady as a house call, you can find out here.

Find the right lady for your house date

A villa where the escort lady has a house call

What is a home visit?

An escort date that takes place at a client's home is called a home visit. You are probably asking yourself, “What does a home visit look like?”. That is entirely your decision. You can book the escort ladies in the same way as in a hotel and at the same conditions. Travel costs and fees for the ladies remain the same for a home visit. Whether you would like to cook together with the lady, go out to eat together, or prefer to spend the time alone with the lady is your decision. Usually it is more comfortable within your own four walls, and you can enjoy the time there better. However, you should remember that no one should disturb you unexpectedly or come into the house unexpectedly. Who would like to be caught in flagrante delicto doing the most beautiful thing in the world?

What do the neighbours think?

For many escort clients it is a problem when the escort lady comes styled and leaves the house again after two hours while the nosy neighbour documents everything. Other clients think that the ladies are brought by a big limousine. But these worries are unfounded. At BB-Escort there is no chauffeur service, but the ladies travel to their date themselves. Should you have a specific wish as to where the lady should park, you are welcome to communicate this directly when booking. Otherwise, our ladies are instructed not to park directly in front of the client's house. Of course, you can also express a dress request. For example, you have the option of having the lady come as casually as possible in jeans and trainers so that the visit is not noticed by curious glances from the neighbours. Our ladies will visit your home anonymously and inconspicuously and you don't have to worry that a nosy neighbour will immediately know that you have a visit from an escort lady.

How escort ladies travel to their date

A neighbor looking out the window sees the neighbor hosting an escort at home

The security check during a house call!

Just as with a hotel visit, we carry out a security check for the safety of our escort ladies. Here you have 3 different possibilities to do this.

  • Proof of address: Provide us with a credible document proving your address. The easiest way is your identity card with your address. However, you also have the option of sending us a picture of an invoice with your name and address by e-mail or SMS. This data will only be seen by the staff member who arranges your date and will be deleted immediately after the date is over.
  • Make a deposit: You also have the option of making a deposit of 100,- € to our external bank account at the agency. This deposit will of course be offset against the fee costs of your escort date.
  • The call: The colleagues of the agency call you on your landline number to check whether you really live there. Since hardly anyone has a landline phone these days and the escort is something anonymous, many clients do not want to reveal their real name. Therefore, most of our clients choose point 2 and make a deposit. This is possible anonymously via Western Union.

What are the advantages of a home visit?

  • As already mentioned, you often feel most comfortable at home. You don't like to leave your comfort zone? Then the home visit is just right for you! You can be sure you have everything you need. You want to offer the lady different drinks or something delicious to eat? At home, everything is freshly cooled, and you know exactly where everything is.
  • You book an escort lady because you want to try something exciting? A special sex practice, being tied to the bed, even sex in your waterbed or in the bathtub. If you have these conditions in your own four walls, you can be sure to do so. Hotel beds are usually not suitable for bondage sex, and bathtubs can often be quite small in standard rooms (should one be available).
  • A home visit is cheaper for the client. As an escort client, you save the cost of a hotel room and, depending on the activity, perhaps also the cost of a visit to a restaurant or bar. Since the lady's fee remains the same, a home visit can save you money.

What are the disadvantages of a home visit?

  • As already mentioned above, one or the other neighbour might suspect that you have a visit from an escort and thus put you in an awkward position.
  • Should you have family who have a key to your house, there is of course always the possibility that someone will come in the door who should not see you with an escort. Be it the wife, the children, or even the parents. Some men can't let go as they would like to, and so the dream date is not quite as exciting.
  • If you live outside a big city or in the countryside, the travel costs of the escort lady may increase compared to a booking in the big city. Depending on where the escort lady is from.

Here you can find out more about the travel costs of the escort ladies

Our escorts offer home and hotel visits!

Despite the overwhelming advantages, escort ladies are mainly booked in hotels. This is because it is mainly men who book escort ladies when travelling. No matter whether you would like a home visit or would like to meet with the escort lady in a hotel, with us you will find the right companion for every occasion and every occasion. Do you have special wishes or the lady should wear a special outfit, then let the colleagues know this directly when booking. Enjoy your erotic date with the ladies from BB Escort!

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