Have you never heard of a rubber fetish? Then change that now!

What is a rubber fetish? Many people who don't have one ask themselves this question. It is better known as a latex fetish, but what exactly is it really?


by Bell Bennett

8 minutes read

Have you never heard of a rubber fetish? Then change that now!

Many people know the rubber fetish rather than latex fetish. Have you ever heard of it or maybe even have a latex fetish yourself? Then you are not alone, because the material inspires a lot of convinced latex devotees. Although the rubber fetish does not necessarily have to be limited to latex, it is nevertheless inseparable from it. Of course, as with all fetishes, numerous variations exist. The commonality lies in any case in the fascination for the material. A variation of the rubber fetishism are for example the so-called looners. These are balloon fetishists. From cuddling with balloons to trampling them to having sex on big balloons, everything is represented in this category. You can get to the detailed article about the balloon fetish here.

What is fascinating about latex?

The latex already surprises most by the fact that it is a natural product. Its production is less often petroleum-based, but often based on natural rubber. The latex rubber fetish is therefore something very natural for the fetishists. It's not just the look of the material that captivates so many. The smell of latex is often enough to excite the latex fetishist. Last but not least, the feel is crucial for the sense of well-being. A pleasant shiver or goosebumps overtake everyone who loves latex. Sex in rubber also causes noises, of course. Squeaking or gentle popping are not uncommon and the wearing feeling plays an equally important role in latex fetish. It is very tight and fits like another skin. It has to be that way, because if corresponding latex clothing was not made so thin, it would probably become very heavy. The rubber clothing fetish therefore also gives each wearer a very unique body feeling. The body is brought into shape a little by the tight clothing and also curves are strongly emphasized. The rubber on the skin gives an incomparable feeling, which is hard to describe, if you have not felt it yourself once. 

What is a fetish anyway The latex sex fetish is also supported by the industry like no other. No wonder, it is probably the visual flagship of the BDSM scene. Latex, whips and high heels are as symbols or charms here probably no longer to be imagined without. The shoe/foot fetishism, the pleasure pain and the clear reputation of latex are often united on pictures. These express as is known more than 1000 words, because everyone knows what is meant. At the same time, the ever-popular material has fallen a little into disrepute and always carries a disreputable note with it. But that's exactly what turns you on, isn't it? The dark shine and the hint of temptation in combination with something forbidden probably makes everyone's pulse beat faster.

Latex fetish clothes

The latex fetish clothing could not be more diverse. Everything you can imagine as a "normal" piece of clothing exists as well made of latex. Furthermore, there are rubber diapers or latex diapers for diaper fetishism, various masks and also rubber gags for latex fetish bondage. In addition, a variety of different sex toys exists up to the rubber doll made of latex. If you want to get used to rubber clothing, do not start with the latex suit. Wearing rubber underwear is perfect for a start. You can always increase. Latex underwear is naturally sexy and suitable for any occasion. Useful is the latex lingerie especially when a new partner should be slowly introduced to the subject. Latex fetish gloves are equally beneficial for such a project. The latex suit fetish is represented in the scene as well as the rubber coat fetish. However, the rubber coat is only conditionally close to the skin, while the suit almost melts onto the wearer. By the way, sex with latex becomes more intense the more of it is worn on the body. With the rubber latex fetish, a latex mask fetish is often represented. In addition to a full body suit, it takes away a lot of individuality from the wearer. This is because the person with this clothing looks like a rubber doll. At the same time, however, this also makes it possible to fully concentrate on the much-loved latex, because this is what the pleasure ultimately revolves around. Getting into a tight latex suit, or latex clothing in general, takes some practice. Similar to tights, you have to work piece by piece. If latex clothing sits wrinkled at the ankles, these wrinkles will remain, because pulling them upwards is no longer possible, unlike with stockings. There are two ways to make latex dressing easier. Talcum powder is the rather unpopular method, because it makes a terrible dust. The dust takes away the nice shine of the material, which then has to be restored with a spray first. Special oils such as silicone oil are much more suitable. Either the body is oiled with it or the latex. Which variant is preferred is a matter of taste. Here is to be paid attention to fingernails and piercings. These could destroy the latex clothing, are they (too) pointed or long. Avoid such annoyances in advance, because good latex parts are not necessarily cheap. The longer you live out the fetish latex, the more experienced you become in dealing with the material. Latex detergents are available for washing, but hand washing is recommended. Every part made of latex must be cleaned after every use. This serves not only the hygiene, but also the preservation of the respective piece - whether clothing or sex toy.

Latex fetish extreme

"Heavy Rubber" is the name of the very extreme representatives of the rubber latex fetish scene. These are not content with latex underwear. They wear to the full body latex suit also latex feet and latex gloves. The face is also covered with a rubber mask made of latex. Long wearing of a latex suit is made possible for them by a simple trick. Tubes are used to drain urine or for breathing. Tubes for drinking are also available. This is then called "tubing". Not only one layer, but also multi-layer latex clothing is not uncommon. At some point, however, the latex outfit becomes heavy and increasingly restricts movement. However, an anal plug always fits in, which excites additionally and is practiced with pleasure.

Find an escort lady for your fetish It can't get any more extreme than this? That's what you think! Have you ever heard of vacuum beds? This is a kind of bag made of latex. The submissive latex fetishist lays into it and his complete body is covered with latex. Only a small air hole, which is connected to a hose, keeps the contact to the outside. This is necessary because breathing air soon becomes scarce. By creating a negative pressure, not a real vacuum, all air is pumped out of the construction with the help of a pump. This goes far beyond a classic bondage fixation, because not even the little finger can be moved now. The very tight latex against the skin is not the only sexual stimulation in this structure. The absolute lack of movement, the tightness and the feeling of being at the mercy increase the sexual tingling considerably. All touches feel intense and different because of the latex layer. However, this extreme practice can only be performed for a few minutes. Lack of oxygen and panic attacks due to the tight fixation are risks to be expected. Experienced latex fetishists enjoy this short state even more, because they know how short the time in the vacuum bed is.

Latex gloves as an aid for a latex fetish

A latex fetish story

Jürgen lives out in his fetish lacquer and leather very gleefully. He came to latex fetishism by visiting a latex fetish party. "Actually totally stupid.", he says grinning. "I lost at a drinking game... So then I went to the party in my quickly bought latex ensemble and with a ring around my neck. I felt like a dog on a leash. Shit, I thought that was cool. An acquaintance played the master." What started as a harmless, if outlandish, he jokes five years ago and now is his passion. "I kept putting the stuff on, stroking myself and stuff. I quickly figured out that I was really into it, and I found myself a dominatrix, too." So in this case, latex fetishism suddenly crept into Jürgen's life. He doesn't talk about it with his friends, because they clearly have a completely different attitude towards the subject. "My mistress has a latex gloves fetish, elsewhere you do not need the material. It's a good match. I can't get enough of the feeling on my skin. We both love the touch through the latex and the sound of her hands on my body."

Escort latex

Do you have a latex fetish or would you like to learn more about the love game around latex? Is your fetish rubber, latex or also lacquer? No matter which preferences you want to live out - the ladies of BB Escort make your latex dreams come true. The probably best known fetish often meets with rejection and therefore it is sometimes difficult to live it out sensibly. A latex fetish party like in the example above is great, but there are hardly such events every day. However, this does not mean that you have to renounce your fetish. Turn to us and our ladies with confidence and live out your fetish free of worries.

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