What is nappy fetish and who is into it?

There are many different fetishes, one of which is adult play. Adult play often includes a nappy fetish, but this can also occur separately.


by Bell Bennett

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What is nappy fetish and who is into it?

The nappy fetish is one of many fetishes that people have developed over time. A fetish in itself simply means the transfer of sexual desire to certain objects. With the nappy fetish, the desire is therefore transferred specifically to nappies and the wearing of nappies. Nappy eroticism, also called autonepiophilia, can take many different forms. Most of the time, followers of nappy eroticism tend to be men who wear nappies themselves. However, nappy fetish has nothing to do with paedophilia. Nappy lovers often slip into the role of the toddler themselves, but this is not a must. Further information about the nappy fetish, men in nappies and nappy eroticism in general can be found in this article.

Man with a nappy fetish wears a nappy

Types of nappy fetish and how it is lived

Nappy lovers are not all the same. While it is true that it is mostly the men who want to wear nappies, the directions on are nevertheless different. Some like to wear nappies themselves and some get aroused when other adults wear nappies. Often the nappy fetish is also associated with other things from the world of infants: there is both an Adult Baby Fetish and the pure form of the nappy fetish, which focuses exclusively on the nappy. But no matter in which direction the nappy fetish moves, the Adult Baby nappy is always the focus here and must not be missing under any circumstances. There are matching adult baby clothes that fit the wearer but look like they are for a baby. Even tailors and dressmakers have now specialised in making oversized baby clothes to measure. With over 10,000 followers across Germany, the ABDL scene has grown a little in recent years. ABDL is an abbreviation for Adult Baby & Diaper Lovers. The baby disguise makes the followers of nappy eroticism look like big babies.

The important thing here is that the lust is focused on nappies and wearing them. Children or babies are not objects of desire here and lust is not projected onto them, despite the fact that it is sometimes called baby fetish. Rather, it is partly about the nappy alone or, in some cases, about the way the wearer of the nappy wants to be treated. Nappy fetishists therefore often look for a nappy mistress for their baby games. They like to be mothered and cared for while wearing their special outfit. However, an adult baby mummy is often not so easy to find. Since there are many more male followers of the scene, this is hardly surprising. An adult baby daddy is more likely to be found, as homosexuals are also fond of this fetish from time to time.

Adultplay - What does the nappy fetishist enjoy?

Diapering, breastfeeding, bathing and caring - All this and sometimes more should satisfy the nappy fetishist and the feelings that go with it. Of course, besides nappies, all sorts of things are practiced in the context of adult baby parenting. In the realm of BDSM, you can think of it as BDSM in a cover of candyfloss, pink and plush. The nappy fetishist in the pink or light blue baby outfit is humiliated and punished here. Rubber panties are for example a part of the BDSM nappy punishment. This special form of nappy eroticism in adult baby clothes is one of the many streams into which the ABDL scene is divided. Some even reach orgasm by wearing a nappy. The next would like to fill up the nappy and be diapered afterwards.

Nappy fetish during adult play

Some even see advantages in wearing a nappy, because with it you could just sit in the cinema if you had to. Sometimes one's partner becomes an adult baby mama and actually takes over many tasks such as diapering and nursing. Some partners get involved, others split up immediately. The man in question then often goes to a nappy-raising Domina. Singles who can't find a mommy also often turn to professionals. A night with a professional adult baby mommy costs around 1,000€ and even more. A wide variety of offers are made.


Some examples of offers from a nappy dominatrix include:

  • Fixations
  • Clinical games such as urethral examinations
  • Latex caps, latex nappies and other latex toys
  • Sensory overloads
  • Soft and hard punishments
  • Care even with full nappies
  • Feeding, bathing, powdering
  • Fetish nappy treatment

Nappy fetishists also organise regulars' tables and discussion groups. This is where the scene meets, exchanges ideas and possibly even meets new partners. Sometimes the followers of the scene simply swaddle and care for each other. Some enjoy the time together as supposed toddlers, others simply alternate roles. It is important that Adult Baby nappies are changed regularly, otherwise skin diseases and fungal infections could occur. Especially if there is a tendency towards coprophilia, i.e. human excretion, sufficient measures must be taken with regard to hygiene.

How is this fetish perceived?

Some nappy fetishists experience a special thrill from the shame their appearance causes in public. A feeling of shame is thus triggered both in themselves and in outside observers. Outsiders naturally observe nappy fetishists in public with scepticism. Many followers of the scene prefer to live their fetish in secret, as it is rarely met with understanding. Some nappy lovers display their preferences publicly, which many in the scene do not like. It would cast a bad light on the rest of the nappy followers.

An animator from a children's club at a Red Sea hotel reports:

"Once we had such a guest in the hotel, he actually wore nappies on the beach. He walked around on the beach as a matter of course, dressed in a nappy and with a dummy in his mouth. The gentleman was in his late 40s and even had his real mother with him. He even went into the children's pool with the nappy, and the parents of the children present took their little ones out of the pool. Once he wanted to borrow toys from the children's club, but I couldn't give them to him. After all, children play with them and not grown men.  Otherwise, the man behaved quite normally and not in any childish or babyish way."

As a rule, most male followers of the scene behave completely normally in everyday life: you don't see their preference on their faces. They are often normal family men or nice work colleagues from next door. Publicly acting out is therefore rather rare, but it does happen in some cases. The reactions of the staff and guests in this hotel clearly show that it is rather disturbing and repulsive when the fetish is lived out in public. The hotel has even blacklisted the man in question so that he will no longer be accepted as a guest with his fetish (nappies).

Dummy fetish

It is not uncommon for a nappy fetishist to also have a dummy fetish. As part of ageplay or adult play, the dummy is a very obvious accessory for the big baby. The dummy fetish does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with the nappy fetish and can therefore exist and be felt completely detached from it. However, the dummy fetish is often lived out with the behaviour of a baby or toddler. This type of fetish also occurs frequently in the BDSM field - either for the fetishist himself or as punishment, which tends to arouse the other party. Dummies with a gag function in various designs can be purchased inexpensively for BDSM sex in numerous shops. For example, they are available in a cute baby design or in shiny black.

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