Prostate massage, dirty business or erotic satisfaction?

Learn everything about prostate massages: the techniques, their health benefits, and how they can enrich your sex life. A guide for beginners and advanced users


by Bell Bennett

8 minutes read

Prostate massage, dirty business or erotic satisfaction?

The G-spot of men is the prostate. A prostate massage increases the pleasure, up to an incredibly intense orgasm. The prostate gland surrounds the urethra and is about the size of a walnut. It lies below the bladder and is also responsible for the production of the seminal fluid that transports the semen. Although the sensitive gland is well protected inside the body, it can be felt with the fingers through the anus. The location of the prostate gland causes many men to refrain from prostate massage at first. This area of the male body, which is hidden about a finger's depth in the anus, is not only sensitive, but many men are not really aware of it. Often feelings of shame arise or men tense up just at the thought of it. Is the rear entrance a no-go for you too? Then you should think about it again. If done correctly, a prostate massage can work wonders and bring you pleasures you never imagined. You can try it out with a partner or even all by yourself and slowly get to know it. However, a prostate massage toy should only be used once you have gained a little experience. The use of tongues, fingers and soft hands is the better choice at the beginning.

Types of prostate massage

As a newcomer to anal massage, you should first be informed about the different types. There is the direct prostate massage and the indirect prostate massage. Both types can stimulate the prostate. Beginners can first choose the indirect form of prostate massage. Here, the fingers or the sex toy remain outside the anus for the time being. However, you will soon notice that your body is asking for more. 
The prostate massage from the outside is a good introduction to the prostate massage. You can do the prostate massage yourself and explore the body in the unfamiliar place first. After gaining some experience, which you surely couldn't get enough of, we recommend you to venture further. 

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Prostate massages will probably quickly become an important part of your sex life. By the way, did you know that a prostate massage is healthy? As a preventive measure against prostate cancer, prostate massage is said to significantly reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Increasing potency and preventing premature ejaculation, a prostate massage is always a pleasure and useful at the same time.

The different types of prostate massage man are:

Prostate massage outside

**Direct prostate massage **

Prostate massage with sex toys

Prostata massage

Prostate Massage Instruction Indirect

The indirect prostate massage is only performed from the outside. Thanks to stimulation of the perineum, a prostate orgasm can be induced in the same way as through direct massage of the prostate. The prostate is stimulated with the help of various movements and gentle touching. Since there are a few centimetres of tissue between the perineum and the prostate, the pressure can be a little more intense. Of course, this is still a sensitive area. It should therefore be started slowly, with a tendency to increase. Always communicate with your partner and let him or her know whether the massage of the prostate is pleasant for you or not. If no partner is available, the question is: "How do I stimulate my prostate myself?

Well, with a little lubricant or massage oil for the intimate area, you keep things moist. Although the indirect massage of the prostate does not penetrate the anus, with a little moisture the perineum massage for men also feels good. Circular massage movements of the perineum as well as a gentle up and down will please you. Light tapping or throbbing in varying intensity accompany you during this prostate massage from the outside to the climax. The indirect prostate massage can also be performed with the tongue. Soft and slippery as it is, the massage in the anal area is then twice as much fun.

Instruction Prostate Massage Direct

There is a little more to consider with direct massage of the prostate than with the indirect form. Satisfying the prostate from the inside, i.e. directly, requires a little practice and, above all, sensitivity. Preparation is of course important, especially for the first thrusts or for new sexual partners. Preparation includes:



Sufficient lubricant

Communication always involves a prior conversation because backdoor games should always be discussed. If it comes as a surprise, one of the partners is often caught off guard and backs out. If one of the partners is more experienced, he or she can give valuable tips on how to make the prostate massage orgasm and pleasure particularly pleasurable.

Hygiene should not be neglected during so-called prostate milking or prostate fingering. Since the G-spot is located anally and is best reached there, hygiene should be a top priority, as with all anal play. If fingers disappear into the anus, they must be thoroughly washed. Otherwise they will transport bacteria and the like into the anus, which can lead to inflammation or other diseases. The fingernails, under which there could also be dirt, must be cut. Pointed, long or sharp fingernails do not feel good on the sensitive prostate. Last but not least, your anal area must also be thoroughly cleaned. At this point, an anal shower is worthwhile and recommended. 

It will be nice and wet and slippery if you use enough lubricant. This should not be skimped on in general, as it ensures that the fingers slide more easily into the anus. With plenty of moisture, the male G-spot can be stimulated more easily and efficiently during the prostate massage. It is great fun to gently prepare and widen the anus for the penetration of the fingers by massaging with lubricant.

Stimulation of the prostate from the inside is usually done with the fingers. The tongue can be used as a support to pamper the anus, but it is not long enough to reach the prostate. The fingers, on the other hand, reach the prostate easily and it can be felt. Light pressure, circular movements and stroking the prostate are among the common techniques used in prostate massage. After sufficient stretching of the anus, two fingers can also be inserted. Of course, more is possible with these two fingers than with a single finger: the prostate can be enclosed and played around with the fingers.

Prostate Massage with Sex Toys

Sex toys for prostate massage are popular aids to promote and induce prostate orgasm. However, the toys are not suitable for first experiences and should only be used after a little practice. If you don't like using your fingers, you can of course use sex toys from the beginning. An anal massage widens the anus and allows the use of various toys such as anal chains, love beads or a butt plug. When worn, the butt plug stimulates the prostate and the entire anal area, for example. 

Prostate male G-spot

The G-spot as an alternative to prostate massage

Once the massage has really stimulated the prostate and anal area, many men can't get enough of it. So prostate and sex will soon be inseparable for you, too. Whether with a prostate massager, direct prostate massage or prostate massage outside – you will love it. Some couples separate the pure prostate massage, others like sex to follow the prostate massage. What exactly is preferred varies from individual to individual. But this much is certain: the G-spot (man) can also be pampered during sexual intercourse. A common problem with massaging the prostate, however, is that not all partners enjoy playing with the backdoor. Some are traditional, others are shy, or the partner is completely absent. Fortunately, there are the ladies of BB Escort who will gladly massage your prostate. With soft hands and expertise, the ladies know exactly what to do. No embarrassing preliminary talk, no explanations or questions, simply a beautiful experience. This is exactly what you can be sure of with our ladies. They don't ask: "How do I stimulate the prostate?", they know exactly. Your job now is to relax and indulge in the exciting prostate massage. Just take a look at our ladies at your leisure and contact us for the fulfilment of your wishes.

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