Quickie: The art of rapid pleasure - Everything you need to know

Learn everything about quickies: Why, where, and how you can enjoy fast, spontaneous sex – Tips for exciting, brief adventures


by Bell Bennett

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Quickie: The art of rapid pleasure - Everything you need to know

Do you know this feeling of suddenly rising desire? With or without a recognizable trigger, you just wanted uninhibited and fast sex right here and straight away? Then you simply had the desire for a quickie. Quickies or the so-called fast acts are generally very popular. Why this is so and how where and when you can best have quick sex, we explain to you in this article.

The fast sex

With quick sex, the name says it all: little to no foreplay and only between one and seven minutes of action. That's where the name quickie comes from.

Before a quickie, there is usually so much tension built up by previous stimulation, such as dirty talk, that both partners are more than ready for the act. Therefore, the foreplay is also rather secondary. Mostly a quickie is fast, spontaneous and uninhibited — almost animalistic.

Neither time nor romance and also no foreplay? - Why you should do it anyway!

Can sex be fun at all without the important points of time, romance, and foreplay? Yes, definitely! And we'll give you a few more reasons why you should definitely give it a try:

  • Generally: Sex keeps you fit. The increase in pulse, which increases with the degree of arousal, up to the orgasm promotes blood circulation and is good for the cardiovascular system. So, almost like regular sports, sex also serves physical fitness.

  • You are not currently in a relationship and don't want one? Doesn't matter at all - go out for ice cream and find yourself an attractive partner. A quickie is short, discreet and non-binding.

  • Full schedule? No time for flower sex? No problem! Five minutes can definitely be found somewhere in your daily schedule.

  • Especially during a stressful day, a refreshing quickie can put your mind at ease again.

  • The quickie is perfect for freshening up your sex life a bit. A little variety and spontaneity never hurt anyone.

  • Are you currently in a rather unsuitable place for sex? That may be true for romantic sex, but not necessarily for a quickie!

Car, office, elevator, hallway, ...

Where you should have your quickie depends solely on how daring you are. Whether at home on the couch, on the kitchen table, outside in the car, forest or in the office — wherever you grab the desire, you can get started. Just make sure that they do not cause a public disturbance. This would make your act illegal, and you would have to expect a fine. So please do not forget the strangers before excitement.

A woman giving a man a quickie

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the possible places for quick sex:

  • At home on the washing machine, in bed, on the balcony or in the hallway.
  • In the changing room while shopping or in the outdoor pool
  • Any kind of public toilets (airplane toilet, beach toilet, …)
  • Car parking lots, such as underground garages, parking garage decks
  • Beaches
  • Saunas
  • Staircases

A quickie in the office

Sex in the office

Whether sex in the office is good or not is up to you to decide. You should always keep in mind that getting caught will cost you your job in the worst case.
So, sex in the manager's office is rather suboptimal (except with the boss himself) — better suited are the copy room, the storage room, your own lockable office room or a protected corner in the warehouse.

Sex in the car

A great option is a quickie in the car. Whether buckled or unbuckled — the important thing is: Not while driving! The distraction would be too great and the risk of an accident too high. Nevertheless, the car offers you quite a few possibilities: At dusk on the side of the road, at night in the car park or during the day with the windows rolled down — wherever you happen to be. Whether you're coming from shopping, going on holiday, dropping off the kids: Just recline the seat a bit or move out to the back seat and the sex in the car can start!

A quickie in a car.

Sex in the elevator

Sex in an elevator is basically only possible as a quickie. An elevator usually doesn't take much longer than five minutes to get from the bottom to the top. And then there's the danger of the stops in between. If you like the thrill, give it a try! If there's not enough time, you can continue in the car, a locker room or a restroom.

Sex in the garage

Many garages offer an insane number of opportunities for a quickie. Sex on the tool bench, tires who are lying around, the hood, against the garage door or on the cold floor - try what you like.

Sex in the cinema

In the cinema you quickly run the risk of being spotted. You should therefore sit in the back row and preferably watch a loud film (so you won't be heard so quickly). We still wouldn't recommend watching the latest James Bond 007 late in the afternoon. Look for a film that is not so popular and at a time when rather few visitors are expected.

You now know where - but not how?

Which sex positions are suitable for a quickie depends on the place where you want to have sex. For example, in the cinema the doggy style is possible, but not recommended. It is better here if the woman sits on the man's lap, facing the screen. After all, if people turn around then, she can stop the movements and the thing remains relatively discreet.
Basically, the following three sex positions are often a good choice.

Sex while standing

Most of the time you will have a wall or at least a large object to lean against. If that's the case, a good position for the quick number is for the woman to lean her back against the wall/object. The man can either lift the woman up or wrap one of his partner's legs around his waist. In this position, the man directs. The speed and depth of penetration comes from him.

Doggy style

The chance that you and your partner will reach orgasm is greatest in doggy style. The woman bends forward, and the man can penetrate her vaginally or anally from behind. Most of the time, the man has both hands — and the woman has at least one hand free. These can be used for additional stimulation — be it quick movements on the clitoris or playing with her boobs.

Sex sitting

A little more striking than the variant in the cinema: She sits down on an object such as the washing machine, the hood, the kitchen table or similar and spreads her legs. He can now penetrate her deeply while standing. Depending on the stability, the woman, and man again have one — or both hands free. The advantage over the doggy style: The sight of the partner getting hornier and hornier heats your mood even more.

Tips and tricks for your special quickie

  • Wild, uninhibited and spontaneous!
    With this, you will achieve the maximum excitement in the minimum time.
  • Undress only what is necessary!
    Just the activity of undressing completely takes way too long. Leave everything on that works!
  • Lubricant
    Not all women manage to get wet quickly. Without moisture, however, penetration with the penis is uncomfortable. If you don't have any lubricant in your pocket, you can easily resort to saliva.
  • Preheat
    Do you have the beginnings of desire? Write it to your partner! You already know how you want to get it done? Let your partner know! Get each other really heated up. When you finally see each other, you can literally go straight for it.
  • Masturbation
    No matter how long you have been together with your partner. Everyone knows best how to orgasm as quickly as possible. Do not be afraid to touch yourself!

What you should also pay attention to

Since a quickie does not always take place at home, you should think specifically about protection! Pregnancy can also occur during a quickie. You will have the most fun during a quickie if your partner knows your preferences. This way you will really get going. If your partner doesn't know you, you run the risk of the act being a flop for you. Check your clothes before you get each other hot. There's a lot of disappointment when you've found the perfect place for a few quick minutes of fun — but then somehow have to take off your tights, bodysuit and shape-underwear first.

A man arranging a quickie with his girlfriend via mobile phone

Now is the time!

We have convinced you? Then get your phone out right now and let your partner know that you're really horny and want to do it immediately and right away! If your partner can't be at the door right away, use the time to get ready yourself quickly: Take off what you need, find your favourite spot and start pleasuring yourself. Your partner is guaranteed to go wide-eyed at the sight of you and won't hesitate long to give you exactly what you've asked for!


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