Swinger clubs- what you need to know!

Discover the world of swingers clubs: Your guide to rules, atmosphere, and tips for newcomers seeking that special experience.


by Bell Bennett

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Swinger clubs- what you need to know!

Opinions are divided on swinger clubs. Some find the experience and the ambience uplifting and fulfilling, for others it is an absolute no-go. The fact is, swingers clubs have something mysterious, wicked and forbidden about them and this aura attracts many people almost magically. We asked around and found out what makes a visit to a swingers club so special. We also wanted to know what the attraction is and what you should do and not do if you want to take a look there in person. You can be curious...

What is a swingers club?

A swingers club is a place where so-called swingers meet and which is not directly accessible to everyone. Mostly, it is small guesthouses or spacious venues that offer individuals or couples the opportunity for group sex, partner swapping and other similar activities. Also many fantasies and first experiences with fetishes can be made in such a club. Some people go there just to satisfy a very special sex desire and others get turned on by having regular sexual intercourse in front of the visitors. The visitors of swingers clubs are as diverse as the sexual needs and preferences themselves. So swingers are couples and singles who like to live out their erotic preferences in the company and exchange with others. Sounds pretty hot, doesn't it? No wonder that visiting a swingers club is at the top of the list of secret sex fantasies.

What types of swingers clubs are there?

The English word swinging means nothing more than moving freely back and forth. Transferred to the club, this means that visitors can freely move back and forth between rooms and sex partners or voyeuristic scenes. However, there are also clubs that admit only couples, the so-called couple clubs. Here, the only thing that often matters is that one of the partners or both partners feel good about being watched having sex or watching others have sex. It also regularly comes to partner swapping, threesomes and group sex. In the classic swingers club, of course, people without partners can also enter. Moreover, visiting a club is not always about having sex yourself. Many people want to live out their voyeurism or exhibitionism in this way. That is, they want to observe others during the act or love to be observed themselves. In so-called nudist or sauna clubs, prostitutes are usually employed or work there on a freelance basis. These establishments are mainly frequented by single men and rarely by couples. In addition, the aim here is actually always to have sex themselves. Also common are fetish clubs, where mostly private individuals or professional ladies can be found. As the name implies, here mainly more specific sex desires are satisfied, although actually every swingers club also has BDSM rooms to offer.

A couple on their way to a swingers club

What is the procedure in the swingers club?

If you are planning your first visit to a swingers club, you are probably a bit nervous and have 1000 questions in your head. Relax, everyone has been to a club for the first time at some point and no one will tear your head off if anything doesn't go according to plan. After all, it's people like you and me and from all conceivable walks of life who like to visit a club every now and then. Many swingers clubs have very different themes. And when you visit for the first time, you are usually first shown around and introduced to the rules. After that, many visitors change according to the occasion and then you first have a drink at the bar and may be introduced to other visitors. Overall, there is a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with dimmed lighting, a sexy barmaid and nice music. So you can get into conversation in a relaxed way. In addition, you can already take a look at what preferences are so represented and who could come into question as a sex partner or spectator.

The rules in the swingers club

Basically, the well-known motto "Everything can, nothing is a must" applies in swingers clubs. So whatever you imagine in your imagination, if there is no "suitable partner" in the club, then it just won't work. In that case you will have to postpone your wishes to another time or go to a specialized club. A "no" also means a "no" - this top rule is common to all clubs.

Many swingers clubs also ask that you stay out of the sex areas if you want to have a chat. For this, there are one or more bars, lounge areas and often a terrace or garden. Eating, drinking and smoking are usually not allowed in the play areas for hygienic reasons. In saunas and other areas, you should always put a towel underneath, which are usually available in stacks in swingers clubs. The entrance fee includes the use of the entire club area, a lockable locker and often a free drink or free condoms. And before we forget: Cameras, cameras and cell phones are, of course, taboo in swingers clubs. No one wants to risk that various pictures suddenly appear in an inappropriate place. That much trust simply has to be there, even (or maybe even especially) when you're dealing with strangers. Therefore, it is best to leave your cell phone directly in the lockable locker during your stay!

Clothes in the swingers club

While you probably prefer to go to the swingers club in a rather discreet outfit, pretty much anything is allowed behind the entrance door. The changing rooms and your personal locker give you the assurance that you can even slip into different roles during the course of the evening - if you want to. In most areas, but especially where sex takes place, street shoes are prohibited. Therefore, be sure to bring a pair of sandals or flip-flops. Of course, many people make sure to present themselves in a particularly sexy and appealing way in the club. Due to this, it makes sense to pay attention to nice underwear and neat clothes. Lacquer, leather, boots and skirts are also welcome in most clubs and are common among ladies and gentlemen alike. The main rule on the subject of clothing is: you should look neat, clean and nice. About the same as if you were visiting a garden party or a disco. Also, if you feel comfortable, others will enjoy your company. However, you should definitely avoid fine-rib knickers or boxers with a Sponge Bob print. A man with two women he's going to the swingers club with

Do I have to have sex in a swingers club?

No, you don't have to. As mentioned above, quite a few people visit swingers clubs to either watch or be watched. Therefore, it is not a problem at all if you just want to use your visit to work up an appetite or live out a fantasy. If you and your partner want to visit a swingers club together, we strongly recommend that you discuss this in detail before: What is allowed and what is not? Listen to yourself and be open and honest about what you can handle and what you probably can't accept. Jealous disputes are not uncommon in clubs, but you don't have to be one of those who get that far, right?

Prevention in the swingers club

Speaking of sex: condoms in a swingers club are a must- except for permanent couples who have sex exclusively with each other even in the premises on site. The use of condoms is a kind of unwritten law among swingers- anything else would also be absolutely irresponsible. Therefore, many clubs even provide free condoms in every room and on the playgrounds. Disposing of them properly in the wastebasket after use should be a matter of course. After all, you don't just throw the condoms and paper towels under the bed at home.

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