Anal plugs - Are they really that much fun or is it better to keep your hands off them?

Are you one of those people who are wondering "What is an anal plug? " and "How are anal plugs used correctly?" If so, you've come to the right place!


by Bell Bennett

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Anal plugs - Are they really that much fun or is it better to keep your hands off them?

The name already suggests it: Anal plugs are used for rectal pleasure. The plugs are one of the classics among sex toys and are available in a wide variety of designs. Their erotic appeal lies primarily in stimulating the prostate and playing with the sensitive anus nerves. Anal plugs are often used during foreplay. However, their functionality is not limited to this area, because they can also contribute to an increase in pleasure during the act. Women and men alike like to experiment with the intense orgasmic experience through this additional possibility of sexual satisfaction. Whether alone or in company, an anal plug expands the sexual horizons of the wearer and may provide him or her with more pleasant access to further anal practices.

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Typical areas of use for anal plugs

Your imagination will certainly allow you to imagine the areas in which anal plugs are used. The handy anal plugs are easy to insert in combination with lubricant and thanks to their special shape, provide a gentle stretching of the sphincter muscle. This can be experienced as very arousing in itself, but is also conceivable as preparation for subsequent penetration by the male member.

The tender play with the plug relaxes the wearer, so that both can optimally enjoy the tightness during the subsequent penetration of the penis. Women also benefit from wearing the anal plug during vaginal stimulation. The resulting pressure is described by users as extremely arousing. 


The use of anal plugs for prostate stimulation seems to be well known. A large number of male users report long-lasting and intense orgasms, but the plug can do even more. Changes in shape and colour make it a popular prop for varied role-playing games. Fantasies of power and submission can be lived out in a variety of ways, especially since the outwardly invisible toy is perfect for wearing under everyday clothing and thus keeps the memory of the partner's sexual attentions present for hours.

Anal plugs - effect and use

What exactly is an anal plug for?

Users of anal plugs can be aroused by inserting and wearing them over a longer period of time.

Above all, the slow withdrawal has an extremely stimulating effect on the nerve fibres located in the anus.

Anal toys in the form of coarse ball chains or similar makes the resulting feeling of being released and held all the more tangible.

Sexy woman with purple anal plug in her hand

Piece by piece to success

For the beginning, a smaller anal plug is recommended.

This is inserted into the anus using plenty of lubricant. Only insert it as far as you feel comfortable.

If there is resistance, the plug can be carefully withdrawn. Smooth surfaces, such as metal anal plugs, make the process easier and are also very pleasant due to their weight.

They are therefore suitable as anal plugs for beginners. With a slow and deliberate approach, larger models can soon be used. 

Anal plugs with a vibration function provide a significantly higher degree of relaxation. Firm grips allow for adjusted bending and repeated insertion and withdrawal.

With a good fit, the plug stimulates the prostate. This effect is not generally achieved with very small plugs.

An extended foreplay....

The insertion of the plug is strongly stimulating in itself, but usually serves as foreplay for both him and her.

The plug simply remains in place during the intervening excursion, so that the arousal is maintained for a longer period of time.

If the toy is removed later with appropriate sensitivity, the anus is pleasantly pre-stretched for further penetration.

If the woman leaves the anal plug in place, it can contribute to G-spot and clitoral stimulation during vaginal intercourse. 

...and a serene exit

Removing the plug can sometimes be an art in itself.

A gentle wetting of the opening with lubricant usually solves the problem without further ado.

It is important to proceed slowly and not to spread the gel too generously on the handle.

If it is too slippery to grip, it is of little use. Like other sex toys, anal plugs want to be used several times and should therefore be cleaned thoroughly with an antibacterial cleaning agent after each use.

The feel and look of an anal plug

The conical shape and the springy elasticity of the material can also make anal plugs attractive for people who otherwise show little enthusiasm for anal intercourse. 

What does an anal plug look like?

Commercially available plugs are shaped like tapered drops.

This naturally results in an increasing stretching of the sphincter muscle.

Typical is a subsequent constriction, which is tightly enclosed by the ring muscle during use.

Possible materials

The range of possible materials for anal plugs is relatively wide.

If you are not yet familiar with the peculiarities of your own body or your counterpart, choose compatible materials first and use anal plugs made of metal, glass or medical silicone. 

This way you avoid allergic reactions and skin irritations. Metal can be tempered according to your own preferences. Stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and glass are also very frugal when used in combination with silicone-based lubricants. Silicone toys, however, can cause problems. A water-based gel is recommended. 

An anal plug made of stainless steel or other shiny materials can be made into a special piece of jewellery by adding crystals. Ribbed surfaces or multiple thickenings are often offered.

Silicone in particular offers a great deal of leeway in shaping. A simple anal plug thus becomes a very varied object of pleasure. 

Variable sizes

The circumference of the conical toys can vary greatly. While small versions with a diameter of about 2.5 cm are primarily suitable for beginners, advanced players use anal plugs in XXL sizes.

It is generally advisable not to take too big a leap in this context.

Sets with plugs in different sizes allow for a slow increase.

Inflatable versions offer special freedom with sufficient consideration and mutual trust.

Anal plugs in different shapes

Who are anal plugs suitable for?

Anal plugs, as has already been seen, are used for both sexes.

Both heterosexual and homosexual couples enjoy playing with anal stimulations.

An anal plug is basically very similar to an anal dildo for men. The transitions are smooth and the effects are of course similar.

Anal plugs for women are sometimes equipped with interesting additional features, so that, for example, a plug can be part of a dildo to be used vaginally.

A toy that promises satisfaction in two ways at the same time. 

An anal plug is only ever an option for both men and women if both parties are comfortable with this type of sexual play.

Those who dislike anal use for medical or moral reasons will hardly find the necessary relaxation. It should be mentioned here that even unconscious rejection can lead to cramping of the (already very strong) sphincter muscle.

Concerns should be removed in advance to avoid painful experiences and senseless reproaches.

How long can an anal plug be worn?

It is quite popular to wear an anal plug for a long time. Some people use it before a hot date night and surprise their partner with the unexpected sight, others like the feeling and use their favourite plug whenever they want. 

Especially in the BDSM area, practices are common that involve daily wearing for several months. Giant anal plugs are rarely used here. Rather, small to medium-sized models that allow you to sit for longer periods of time. 

The health risks of such preferences cannot be completely dismissed. The sphincter muscle will dilate after a certain period of time. This leads to limited functionality, tears and possibly anal fissures. In any case, the muscle will no longer close properly after several weeks of wearing. Not a nice scenario from a hygienic point of view.

If the anal plug is only used by a man or woman now and then for several hours, the risk of permanent damage is limited. However, it is important to remember that a stretched anus could suddenly absorb more than planned. If the plug only has a narrow stopper or knob, it can unexpectedly disappear completely in the worst case and can then cause complex injuries in the intestine.

Discover interesting ways to play

Now you can't just come up with wearing an anal plug for a long time. The retrieval area of the anal plug offers room for all kinds of more imaginative ideas. 

Role play and effects

Role-playing games take on a whole new dimension with an anal plug with a fox tail or leather fringe.

An anal plug with fur is a similar attraction. Visitors to a swingers' club are sometimes delighted to see and grasp a retrieval chain.

They are also attractive for bondage games. Large external suction cups that stick to all smooth surfaces (such as bathroom tiles) also have a restraining effect (or at least keep them in place).Men have the option of using testicle or penis rings with anal plugs. A so-called tunnel plug, which has a more or less fleshed-out cavity, creates space for more. In addition, effect variants such as LED anal plugs or heated plugs can be used.

The list can be extended almost endlessly.

Erotic games for couples

Anal plug next to other erotic toys

Anal plugs for on the go

Anal plugs that you wear in everyday life usually have to be inconspicuous. Flat stoppers disappear invisibly in the panties and are therefore well suited for on the go. 

A special highlight are vibration functions that can be controlled via Bluetooth. Thus, the remote control function runs optionally via your own smartphone or remotely via an app, which can also be accessible to another person. 

However, if you want to enjoy this surprise effect to the full, you should pay attention to the volume of the vibration module. Fortunately, many devices have a corresponding whisper mode.

What to consider when using an anal plug

Caution is the mother of china. Rough application of an anal plug leads to injury from overstretching unprepared tissues. With excessive relaxation and extreme amounts of lubricant, a plug may well disappear inside. Even more so if the stopper is relatively small.

In this case, only a visit to the doctor will help. Plugs migrating in the intestine can lead to perforations and similar serious injuries.

Realistically, however, every high-quality analtoy has one or two retrieval options. If this is given, it can almost not be enough gel. 

Exercise makes the master

Beginners are advised not to let themselves be pressured and to first get the sphincter used to the unaccustomed attention before the grand finale.

To do this, the anal area can gradually be included in sexual foreplay.

At first, perhaps only caressing fingers have their fun, later growing toys follow and if you like it, physical penetration and/or special plugs with the mentioned added value.

Hygienic concerns

The fear of having to or coming into contact with excreta is not completely unfounded. However, with normal bowel movements and successful defecation, the risk remains low as long as the toy does not exceed a critical length. For the unsure, the trade offers appropriate anal cleaning aids that can be used before playing together.

Of course, the conscious area is generally colonised with physiological bacteria. Toys used and your own hands should be thoroughly cleaned afterwards. 

Also note that when switching between anal and vaginal intercourse, the toy (or the condom pulled over it) is changed for the matter of cleanliness. The vaginal flora highly resents direct contact with intestinal bacteria.

Basket full of different anal plugs

What can a preliminary cleaning look like?

If you want to be on the safe side, use an anal douche to cleanse the rectum about 2 hours before the expected act.

The use of a hand douche is recommended, i.e. a small ball with a pointed attachment that can absorb water after being squeezed.

The tip is inserted rectally and the water is pumped into the intestine through pressure. Pull the buttocks together to keep the water short.

Excrete again and repeat until the excreted fluid remains clear. 

The process takes only a few minutes and is far less risky than using the shower hose directly.

Here, it is difficult to control the temperature, pressure and amount of water, which can quickly lead to unpleasant consequences.

If at all, this procedure is only recommended with appropriate attachments.

Advice from the net that aims at a special dietary change or recommends the use of constipating medication is usually greatly exaggerated. The resulting uncertainty can be considered exaggerated.

Anal plugs as part of escort services

Numerous escort ladies offer the use of anal plugs in different types of play.

As can be read from the article, the use of such toys is not pleasant and feasible for everyone.

In order to be able to fully enjoy this field, timely arrangements are indispensable. Find out in advance which ladies would like such a piece of jewellery.

It always makes sense to mention special expectations at an early stage.

This is the only way to achieve the satisfaction we want to grant you.

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