What is an exhibitionist?

Discover what exhibitionism means, how it differs from other behaviors, and its legal standing


by Bell Bennett

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What is an exhibitionist?

We all know the typical image of the creepy stranger in the park: dressed in a long coat, he creeps through the semi-darkness and waits for a potential victim. Once he has spotted one, he exposes himself by opening his coat, under which he is completely naked. Most of these victims are young, pretty women.

An exhibitionist thus achieves satisfaction by undressing in front of other people. Normally, exposure is the actual goal of the exhibitionist; further harassment of a physical nature does not usually take place. Exhibitionists are therefore usually rather harmless, even if the unmediated sight of primary genitals can be very frightening for those affected. It is not uncommon for the exhibitionist to satisfy himself while observing the reaction of his victim. In doing so, the man standing naked in public triggers either shocked reactions or amusement. As with so many addictions, there is a counterpart to exhibitionism, called voyeurism. Here, the satisfaction comes from mostly secretly observing.

Offence Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is actually a criminal offence that can only be committed by men in Germany. Naked men in public commit the offence of having acted exhibitionistically according to §183 of the German Criminal Code.

Section 183(1): A man who harasses another person by an exhibitionist act is liable to a custodial sentence not exceeding one year or to a monetary penalty.

A female exhibitionist, who exposes herself in public, on the other hand, is only liable to prosecution in Germany for causing public nuisance. However, this is also punishable by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine. The situation is completely different if the exhibitionist act is performed on minors or children. Here, of course, there is a lot of trouble because young people under the age of 14 are still considered children. According to § 167, such acts fall under sexual abuse of children and are punished accordingly. Of course, minors over 14 also enjoy special protection under the law. Theoretically, it does not matter whether a man or a woman undresses in front of children and adolescents. Otherwise, exhibitionist acts are only prosecuted if they are also reported to the police. Sometimes, the supporters of exhibitionism are merely sent home or given a dismissal. In general, it can be said that women are more likely to be victims of exhibitionism, and tendency they don't often practice that.

An Exhibitionist exposes himself and a woman laughs at him

What excites an exhibitionist?

Exposing oneself in public, usually in front of one or more women, excites the exhibitionist as much as the subsequent reaction of his victims. It depends on the individual exhibitionist, which reaction they prefer. Some are aroused or even satisfied when the onlookers react disgustedly or even shocked or fearful at the sight. Shocked staring, screaming and even running away are acceptable or desired reactions. If the victims panic, this excites one person - but can also frighten off the other. Some women laugh at the exhibitionist and this reaction either makes him run away or it is exactly what he had hoped for. As I said, the reactions desired by followers of exhibitionism vary greatly. Masturbating under the eyes of the target or generally in public places also excites some exhibitionists very much. Others, however, limit themselves to simply showing their primary genitals. If the exhibitionist wants sex, he usually does not immediately become a rapist. Some couples get their kicks by performing sexual acts in public — where everyone can see.

For some, arousal only builds up at the thought of being caught. With a partner of the same sexual orientation, public sex is more common. Usually, however, an exhibitionist is found alone while showing off and thereby gaining satisfaction.

Secret sex fantasies of men

What is a flasher?

It is not only exhibitionists who present themselves naked in public. Flashers, for example, are people who also strip naked — but only for a short time. They show either the naked breast or the naked backside in public by pulling up their shirt or pulling down their trousers. Flashers are usually women who flash in discos. Not to be confused with the streakers, who in turn run naked across football fields. The latter is often a special test of courage or fun, but has nothing to do with exhibitionism. Flashing also tends to happen under the influence of alcohol and is usually practised because ladies hope to gain advantages in this way. Sexual arousal is therefore not the impetus for either flashers or flitters. Nudism in saunas or on beaches also has nothing to do with exhibitionism. Naturists are more often nudists or simply enjoy nudism without any sexual ulterior motives.

A sexy woman sitting at the bar

What do I do if I see an exhibitionist?

A woman spraying hairspray in the face of an Exhibitionist

Of course, no one expects to be suddenly confronted with the sight of exposed masculinity. Accordingly, few people think about how to behave in such a case. According to the exhibitionist definition, the person in question wants to present himself naked in public. Assaults are therefore not to be expected from an exhibitionist. However, caution is still advisable because you never know what a stranger is up to. Moreover, it cannot always be assumed that a naked person in public, who may also be masturbating, is just an exhibitionist. The person may still be dangerous or mentally disturbed. One's own behaviour always depends a little on the surrounding circumstances. On busy streets or in places where people are not far away, it is easy to simply walk away or look away. It is also not difficult to reprimand the exhibitionist. In dark and deserted places, of course, your courage drops considerably, especially if you are travelling alone. The best thing you can do then is run away, preferably to a busy place, and call the police immediately!

How does exhibitionism match with the escort service?

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