The Overnight Date - This is important!

Enjoy an Overnight Date with an Escort Lady: Exclusive Intimacy and Affection for an Unforgettable and Intimate Night


by Bell Bennett

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The Overnight Date - This is important!

First-time customers are usually only interested in bookings for a few hours. If the chemistry is right, it can quickly be a little more for most. The escort lady, however, strictly adheres to her booking times and explains to you that you are welcome to book an overnight date next time, where you can end the evening in comfort.

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The overnight date - financial luxury?

You do a quick calculation in your head - one night counts a good 8 hours, the evening can be estimated at another 240 minutes. This results in 12 hours of time. The escort ladies for two hours have so far cost you between 500 and 800 euros each. From this you could conclude between 3000 and 4800 euros for 12 hours.

You do some more research and find out that the lady of your choice only charges between 1300 and 2100 euros for an overnight date. How is that possible, the value seems completely uneconomical in relation to you!

How can you imagine an overnight date?

If you take a look at the procedure of an overnight date, the question is actually quite self-explanatory. A classic overnight date starts around 6/19 pm with dinner.

You meet the escort lady, visit a restaurant and/or an exciting event and then check into a pre-booked hotel room. Depending on your mood and agreement, you may have some fun together there.

Eventually, however, some sleep will be necessary for both parties. An overnight date allows for such a period of rest right from the start. Conversely, this means that you have to grant the lady this break. You do not have to pay for this period.

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Wake up together and start the day comfortably

On the other hand, you both often have another morning together, which you can enjoy in a very relaxed way (if you have booked an extended overnight date of 16 hours).

Showering and having breakfast together is mathematically quite possible until 10 am.

Spoilt for choice: 12 or 16 hours?

If you can do without this extra, a 12-hour date will of course do. Please note, however, that the lady will leave the hotel room sometime between 5 and 7 am. So you have to expect that you will also be woken up when she leaves or gets ready in the bathroom in the morning.

The additional services of the escort lady during the overnight date

The escort lady will comply with the general arrangements during an overnight date in the same way as you are used to on shorter dates.

In addition, however, you can assume (if not deliberately organised otherwise) that she will sleep in the same bed as you that night.

So you can feel completely cared for and relax together after the possible lovemaking.

An Escort lady with her client during an overnight stay in bed

The duties of the client during the overnight date

During this time you are of course responsible for the accommodation and catering of the escort lady. This also applies if you have booked several ladies. Spending the entire night in a double bed with three of you is not considered reasonable. Each of the ladies should find a bed for the resting phase in which she can actually stretch out and recover. This rules out the floor and the occasional sofa as a place to sleep. Note that hotels also value complete bookings per person.

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Board and lodging

Rest periods are obligatory in any case, as is at least one meal within 12 hours. There is no need to organize a luxury dinner here. However, the participants should be satisfied.

Divided opinions on the sleep phase

Opinions such as:

"The escort lady is not paid for sleeping.

Such a rest period is completely unlawful.

If the escort service is to be considered a service, we work through the night, just like everywhere else.

Plumbers don't get paid for their breaks either!"

A temporary relationship, instead of an empty number

Quite apart from the fact that tradesmen are also subject to collectively agreed break times, the escort service should already be regarded as a kind of wellness service. It is not about fast or endless sex, but about a harmonious togetherness.

Most of our clients acquire a balanced relationship for a limited period of time. We do not prescribe fixed break times and accommodate you with special rates so that you and the escort lady have time to get involved with each other. The advantages of this arrangement clearly lie in the acquisition of closeness and the escort lady offers this to you especially when she sleeps in the same bed with you.

Warmth and affection as part of the service

This is a decidedly trusting act that gives considerably more warmth and affection than many people believe.

Such cuddle times are thus naturally part of the service and round off the arrangement.

 After all, it is precisely this form of attention that separates escort companionship from the services of a simple prostitute.

Your escort lady pays attention to you, listens to you, adjusts to you and also satisfies such (mostly undervalued) forms of human closeness.

This service should of course be honoured and appreciated.

Consensually turning night into day

Of course, taking into account different events, this "night's rest" sometimes turns out to be short.

If you attend sporting events, concerts or dance events, it will not surprise the escort lady to reach the hotel room only at three or four o'clock in the morning.

Why shouldn't one or the other lady enjoy this?

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A client in the evening celebrating with an escort lady

Arrangements make individual nights possible

The magic word here is "communication" and it works both before and during the date. Before the date, it is always advisable to talk through the planned events and the expectations and requirements that go with them in just as structured a manner as special sexual wishes and predispositions.

If both sides are clear about what they are getting into, experience has shown that they quickly become closer.

These previously agreed plans can of course change and be restructured by mutual agreement.

The overnight date allows for spontaneity

You both want to go to a club after the concert and play something afterwards? Why not? Or the other way round: the football match is boring, but you are both completely hot for each other after the first half.

 No one is stopping you from restructuring the plans for the night in these cases - as long as both parties agree to this reorganisation. It's your time and it always runs really optimally when it feels good for both of you together.

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