When is dirty talk erotic and when is it simply inappropriate?

Dirty talk can really heat things up, whether by text message, during foreplay or in bed. But dirty talk can also suddenly become a turn-off. That's the right w


by Bell Bennett

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When is dirty talk erotic and when is it simply inappropriate?

Love talk is even more stimulating when it gets really dirty. Dirty talk during sex is popular and is often used especially during foreplay. However, seducing the man with words is an art that not every woman has mastered. Erotic conversations can serve as an introduction to dirty talk. Because seductive sentences, erotic statements and breathed promises heat up the love life so right. Of course, men do not want to have a conversation in the classic sense during sex. During foreplay, you can rather describe any sexual fantasy that comes to mind. However, if it goes so right to the point, sensitivity is required, because you do not want to be blabbered on. Dirty sex sayings with few, but horny words are usually well received.

Have you ever wished you could arouse women with words? Or have you asked yourself, "Dirty talk, how does it work?" Well - you only gain experience by practicing and trying things out. The dirty talk vocabulary expands automatically with time and questions like "What do I say during sex?", become superfluent by themselves. The bad reputation that is attributed to dirty talk probably comes from misconceptions or bad examples. Often people can't imagine anything specific about it. Are you also new to dirty talk? Don't worry, we'll show you how it works and clear things up. 

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What is dirty talk?

What is dirty talk or what does dirty talk actually mean? As a rule, everyone knows at least roughly when these questions arise. However, it is often half-knowledge and some people have never even tried it. Whether out of shame or ignorance, there are numerous reasons for this. So much in advance: Dirty talk is by no means a rough mess without sense and reason. Rather, erotic sentences, individual erotic words and seductive promises determine this kind of pleasure talk - although of course dirty words may also fall. 

You start a sex talk in very different ways. Just like with love play, some like it hard and others slow and sensual. Those who start hard, however, have little opportunity to increase. The skillful use of words and gestures requires an increase to finally reach the climax. Describing the sex is just as much a possibility as dirty talk for bed. Everything that provides sexual excitement and makes you want more is therefore part of dirty talk. Using words to create images in the mind, which bring the partner or the partner around the mind, is the secret behind it. Insiders such as the name of a place, the reference to "The red dress" or the mention of a fragrance can already evoke memories. The thought of an arousing situation in the past is often enough to get the dirty talk going. What is important is the emphasis and the way you express the dirty talk. Nothing is as stimulating as dirty talk done right.

Dirty Talk Ideas

Dirty talk for women is always a little different than dirty talk for men. An erotic pickup line via text message sparks the first glow of a hot fire in any case. Women like to write things like, "I'm hot" or "You're making me so wet." Slowly they ramp up to, "I want you to fuck me until I don't know what my name is!" 

Men, on the other hand, usually use short phrases, such as, "He's already quite hard," or ask questions, such as, "Can you imagine my tongue on your body?" But not only questions that excite the imagination of the woman are quite announced. Phrases like, "I'll carry you up the stairs, throw you on the bed and fuck you right through!" are also quite welcome. This shows strength and determination and women love it in most cases when men show their strength. Another example would be a comment like, "Your scent makes me hot!" - This phrase breathed into a woman's ear opens the door for more. Of course, at the right moment and not right after you walk in the door. Otherwise, this might seem a little strange. Seducing women with dirty talk is really fun after a little practice in any case, you'll see.

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Words you should use for dirty talk: Hot, horny, wet, stiff

Popular dirty talk words are:


  • Hot
  • Horny
  • Stiff
  • Wet
  • Hard
  • Lick
  • Feel
  • Taste

Dirty talk examples:


  • I'll do you hard
  • I'll do you slow
  • Fuck me hard
  • Come with me together
  • Continue
  • That's good
  • I'll take you here, right now
  • Have you ever had sex in an elevator?

For a decent dirty talk there are many different possibilities. Hard from the beginning or with a slight increase as well as romantic, just rough or determining. This depends on the mood, your relationship with each other and the respective preferences. Dirty talk games are also great fun. "Where do you want to be kissed?" introduces one such game. "We're going to take turns telling each other where we want to be caressed," also gets the lovemaking going. Try a little bit around and you will see and find out what can be done.

Dirty talk can be incorporated into your sex life at every opportunity


A couple is not always already in one place. To increase the anticipation of the soon to be meeting, sex SMS, hot WhatsApp messages or the like are quite wonderful. This is called "sexting", meaning sex and texting merged into one word. Sexting examples can be found numerous. Of course, these are always situational and also depend on whether there are already shared experiences. If you know your partner, you have more options. But even for a first meeting or a blind date can be so much. Questions about underwear can go down very well in the right context, but are generally considered trite. Ergo: A little more creativity is called for. Describe to her, nevertheless, what you will do everything with her when you see each other. The dirty talk for you is not difficult, because women tend to have a very good imagination.

Sextexting Examples

Erotic talk is generally easier when you write it, because you can double-check what you've written before sending the message. However, this also carries the risk of autocorrect misunderstandings or other mistakes. Nothing is as unerotic as mistakes in the text or words that have no place in it. After all, an erotic conversation should not drift into the ridiculous, even if this certainly makes a funny anecdote for later. When it comes to the point, it would not be bad to have some dirty talk ideas ready.  Dirty talk examples for your next text message could be:

  • "I can't wait for you".
  • "When you get there, I'll slowly undress you. I rub you with oil and you feel my fingers all over your body. Slowly I caress you..."
  • "You are in for a hot surprise. I won't tell you what it is. Cream will be involved."
  • "You will moan with pleasure.”

Not every dirty talk example can be used with every woman and in every situation. Use praise, tell her what you find horny about her. Increase slowly, because the real meeting after texting is still to come, after all.

What do you say during sex?

What do you say now during sex? One rule is for sure: in no case too much. "What you do makes me so horny.", or: "Don't stop there", are good examples. The detailed description of what dirty things will follow in bed is over at the latest during the act itself. Individual words that excite women are more appropriate at this point.

When dirty talking for you, short sentences are also appropriate.

When dirty talking for you, short sentences are also appropriate.

  • You're nice and wet!
  • Oh, you like that!
  • You know the spot!
  • That's good!

Other erotic terms

Prompts in bed are also among the great sex talk examples. Because not only what you feel you may express. "Suck my cock!", is just like a: "Move faster", an expression of desire and what you want. Suitable dirty talk words are:

  • Further
  • Hot
  • Yes
  • Deeper (also as a question)
  • Harder (also as a question)

Dirty talk in bed, however, comes mostly by feeling and from the gut. So don't get too hung up on wanting to use individual words. Just say in a relaxed way what you feel and what you think, in short: express your wishes. However, never use too many words, because you do not want to talk, you want hot sex. If you follow our tips, then you will get it.

An erotic fantasy journey

This is how hot dirty talk can really make you Not every woman knows how to use words properly and master the dirty talk for him. Some women really talk without stopping, but are silent in bed. Others, however, try their luck, but fail miserably and nip the desire in the bud. Erotic talk at the highest level looks different. Some women are simply not available for an erotic conversation. But that doesn't mean you have to do without: 

"How do I seduce him with words?", is not a question that our escort ladies have to ask themselves. Dirty talk in bed and hot words for men have most of our women namely so really good at it. Seduce men with words is so to speak in their blood.

They look forward to hot adventures and know how to refine them with words. Sex stimulating sayings are already on the tongue of the escort ladies. Through the skillful use of words, the BB escort women take you on an erotic fantasy journey. Crafty, dirty and experienced they use dirty talk sayings to heat you up so right. With some of the women, the addition of dirty talk is noted on the sedcards, so you can easily see who likes to combine eroticism and words. With excellent dirty talk for the man, these ladies know how to enchant you and crank up the desire. Just look at the ladies and choose according to your taste - you will definitely not regret it. Do you want to hear sentences that turn men on today and indulge in the beautiful words? Then contact us still best immediately. Over the hotline and also online your wishes can be quickly turned into reality.

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