What is dogging and how you can practice it safely

Here you can find out what dogging actually is and where it is practiced, as well as how it is applied in Escort.


by Bell Bennett

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If you think of dogging as a shorthand term for jogging with a dog, you're pretty far off the mark. The term dogging actually has its origins in the English language and initially had something to do with dogs. But first things first! Dogging is a sexual practice, strictly speaking a form of exhibitionism. People meet in parks or car parks to have sex in public places.  

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Origin and explanation of the word dogging

As already mentioned, the term dogging originated in Great Britain. In the meantime, dogging has become widespread in Germany as well as in other countries. The term itself first appeared in the 1970s. Incidentally, the English verb "to dog someone" literally means "to follow someone" or "to accompany someone constantly". According to some accounts, the term was introduced by the British police, who were told by swingers caught in public sex encounters: "I'm just walking the dog". According to other versions, voyeurs first used the term when walking the dog "for cover", so to speak, to observe outdoor lovemaking. At that time, dogging was mainly used to refer to voyeurs (gawkers, peeping toms, secret observers). They walked their dogs in parks with the aim of watching couples having sex in public. This sexual practice was later adopted by the swinger scene, as was the term dogging.

Man takes his dog for a walk

Meanwhile, actions where couples or groups arrange to fuck in public are even often announced in advance on the internet. This way, voyeurs know exactly where they can watch the colourful goings-on and the sex in the open. So exhibitionists (people who like to present themselves sexually in public), voyeurs and swingers (people with changing sex partners) take part in such meetings. They are now all grouped under the term doggers and their preference is clear. They want to enjoy sex in public places like parks or car parks from one perspective or another - either as an active part or as a silent observer.

Problems that can arise with dogging

Eroticism in public is not generally forbidden in Germany. In the woods, fields and meadows, hardly anyone will be bothered if sex takes place in public. Trouble can arise if involuntary witnesses feel inconvenienced by dogging. Of course, we are not talking about voyeurs who are specifically encouraged to watch the car park sex meetings. Some people, on the other hand, do not approve of sex taking place in public. They could file a complaint for "causing a public nuisance" and the competent judge could impose a fine or even a prison sentence of up to one year. However, the latter happens rather rarely, at least when the "delinquent" (Latin for "one who commits a misstep") has been caught and reported for the first time.

What exactly is voyeurism?

Another problem from the point of view of the cities, municipalities and residents of popular dogging meeting places is the litter that is often left behind. After having sex in the car park, nocturnal doggers usually care little about disposing of their waste. Bottles of drinks, empty tubes of lubricant and used condoms are of course not a pretty sight and can provoke anger in the neighbourhood. To avoid getting into unpleasant situations here too, you should simply collect the remains of exhibitionist sex and take them away. Otherwise you will be committing an administrative offence, which can cost up to 100,000 euros in the event of a repeat offence. In addition, they save the people living around your dogging sex from having their area brought into disrepute. And who wants to have to answer unpleasant questions to their children the morning after a dogging event. With a little mutual consideration, there are usually no major problems during love play in the park or the car park sex meeting.

Dogging - delightful or embarrassing?

A couple has sex in the car

Whether car park sex or erotic games in the forest are something for everyone can probably be answered with a clear no. However, according to anonymous surveys, only just under five percent of respondents categorically refuse to have sex in public. According to the survey, a quick encounter at the lake or in the park or a sex meeting in the car park is an extremely stimulating thought for a large part of the German population. One is not immediately considered an exhibitionist in body and soul just because one can imagine being secretly observed during sex. The idea that someone is watching you while you give yourself to your partner is an extreme turn-on for many couples. Car park sex is an extreme form of public sex and therefore not desirable for everyone. After all, you are often literally on display there, which is too much for some survey participants. On top of that, the cleanliness of car parks usually leaves a lot to be desired and the pre-informed voyeurs could swell into a bawling mass of spectators. So the eroticism of the car park quickly goes down the drain.

Single women should not underestimate the potential dangers of having sex outdoors. There are isolated reports of swingers who were confronted with an excess of men at dogging meetings. Sexual harassment up to and including coercion, the administration of so-called date rape drugs and the abandonment of safe sex are to be mentioned as possible dangers. Basically, however, it is advisable for each sex not to go to car park sex meetings alone. Men, too, could basically be threatened, blackmailed or robbed there.

Thrills in a safe environment: the swinger club

If you have been toying with the idea of trying dogging for a while, or have now come up with the idea, a swinger club should be your first port of call. In many well-kept establishments you can live out your exhibitionist side as well as the role of voyeur to the full. There are enough couples and swingers who like to be watched by many pairs of eyes while fucking. This can either be quite direct, when the lovers and the observers are in the same room. But there are also clubs where you can be a discreet spectator, for example behind a mirrored wall, and watch third parties having sex without being detected. So-called voyeur rooms can be found in many stylish clubs. The sophisticated ambience often increases the attraction for both the actors and the observers. The dignified atmosphere makes the eroticism crackle.

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Public sex with escort ladies

Of course, some of our escort ladies have long since discovered the special thrill of observed sex for themselves. However, to protect your privacy and to avoid any nuisance, our ladies will not accompany you to parks or car parks. Dogging services are offered exclusively in the clear and well-kept surroundings of swinger clubs. Don't be fooled, this can be at least as delightful as dogging outdoors. Many clubs also have spacious outdoor lounges where you can let your imagination run wild. Your escort lady will be thrilled to join you on an XL bed swing or in the whirlpool. And who knows, maybe there are a few discreet observers in sight, purely by chance of course - or not? We can assure you that especially newcomers to public sex usually feel much more comfortable in the surroundings of a chic club. It's just super clean, all the accessories you need are available and you're safe as in Abraham's lap.

Escort lady and client embraced in the water

Another big plus: you can be completely indifferent to the weather and the season. Wind, rain and cold temperatures simply stay outside in the Swinger Club. Also, and precisely because of this, you can live out your fantasies to the full here. No matter whether you want to feel lustful glances on your body during partner exchange or group sex or want to watch others having hot sex in the privacy of your room. Your escort lady is guaranteed to make your dogging experience an absolute highlight! Well, don't you already feel like becoming a fan of public sex? Your sexy escort is just waiting to accompany you on this highly erotic adventure!

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