Many people talk about it, but most of them have the wrong idea of what an escort lady is!

"An escort is an expensive prostitute!" Unfortunately, this is a widespread opinion, but we are looking at the question: What is an escort really?


by Bell Bennett

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Many people talk about it, but most of them have the wrong idea of what an escort lady is!

In recent years, more and more men use the upscale and erotic service of escort ladies. Therefore, the job as an escort is very popular especially among young women. Since nowadays more and more women make capital with their bodies, it is not uncommon that educated female students like to go out with well-groomed men for money. Still, questions often arise like "what is escort?" "Do escort ladies have sex with men?" or "Can I also just have dinner with the man?" We would like to answer these and some other questions today!

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What does escort mean?

The term escort comes from the English (to escort) and means nothing other than to accompany. But the escort service is not a mere accompaniment.

Even though escort agencies or independent escort ladies like to call them escort agencies or escort ladies, there is often more to it than that. The escort service offers men, women and couples the possibility to book a lady or a man for a certain time. However, there are actually more escort ladies than escort gentlemen, and the demand for male escorts is also very low.

An escort date starts from at least 2 hours over 12 hours or even a holiday escort over several days. 

If you want to work as an escort lady, you should be aware that it is not important how many dates you "manage" in one day, but how happy and satisfied the client is afterwards.

An escort is a friend, lover, sexy playmate and temporary distraction. Most men use escort agencies like BB-Escort to book an escort lady, or portals like "Kaufmich" to book independent escorts who do not work with agencies.

The prices are often lower here, but the quality of the escort ladies is not always at a high class level in contrast to renowned escort agencies.

I want that too!

Escort is more than just erotic kissing

Do escort ladies have sex with men?

You are probably asking yourself now, what does an escort lady do all the time with the customer and does one have sex with the customer as an escort? One thing in advance, yes, escort ladies also have sex with the customers. Many ladies still think that it is possible to earn several 100 euros as an escort just for a dinner with a gentleman. But without that certain "something" it would hardly be possible for you to find a suitable client. The gentlemen usually pay from 500 euros for 2 hours upwards to date an escort lady. These customers often have a clear idea of their meeting with the lady at such high amounts.

However, working as an escort is not just sex for money. As an escort you do much more than that! Be it holiday escorts to distant countries, ski trips to the mountains with subsequent après-ski parties, shared dinners or a cosy conversation at the bar of the restaurant, all this is also part of your lucrative side job as an escort lady.

Thus, working as an escort lady is more than just sex for money, but also not just a mere accompaniment.

Erotic jobs without sex

What do I have to offer as an escort lady?

We have now already discussed that escort ladies in most cases also have sex for money when they pursue the escort service. Now the question arises; what does an escort offer in bed? Here the heading "MUST" is fundamentally wrong, because an escort lady does not have to do anything at all, to be more precise, she should not do anything that she does not want to do.

The intimate possibilities that the lady offers are determined, at a reputable escort agency, by the escort lady herself! Not the agency and certainly not the guest! Of course, openness in eroticism also determines the success of the escort lady. But that is not the only criterion that matters in order to be successful as an escort.

Many women pursue escort services to also get their own satisfaction. Thus, most ladies combine earning money with the most beautiful secondary matter in the world.

Escort is the enjoyment of intimac

To the erotic lexicon

Escort lady for dinner

Now we have talked a lot about sex as an escort, but an escort is also more than just sex! Your dates often start with a client in a restaurant or bar. Here you have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Depending on how long your date lasts, the meal together can make up the largest part of your date. You will spend an incomparable evening with good conversation, a glass of red wine and a nice companion. Our clients invite you to the hottest and best restaurants in town and you can enjoy the ambience and the presence of the client to the fullest.

Escort Dame auf Events

Many escort clients want an escort for a football match, a concert, an opera or a musical, where you can enjoy the game or the sounds to the fullest.

You spend a nice time and enjoy the evening. In addition, our clients like to book an educated, eloquent escort lady to accompany them to a company event or a company dinner.

Here it is important to the guest that you have good social manners and that you can participate in the conversations.

Joint activities with the escort lady such as going skiing

Skiing as an escort lady

In the winter months, gentlemen often use the escort service to take a suitable lady with them to go skiing.

The guests do not want to be alone on the slopes and therefore look for a companion for a day, or sometimes longer.But not only on the slopes, the customers are looking for a companion for a while, but also to go with her to one of the countless apre-ski parties.Therefore, it is a great advantage if you live near the ski hot spots to be able to ski.

Of course, this is less important for escort ladies from Hamburg than for escort ladies from Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck.

Holiday accompaniment as escort lady

We live in fast-moving times. Often there is no room for long relationships or even relationship dramas.

Often the job does not allow to build up or maintain a relationship on the side, sometimes it is also the leisure activities that involve you very much.

Nevertheless, hardly anyone does without a holiday and of course one does not want to spend it alone. Therefore, our clients often book escort ladies to accompany them on holiday.

Your task is to experience the holiday together with the guest as he imagines it. This often includes sightseeing tours, visiting museums and historical buildings, or even a relaxing day at the hotel pool.

It is important for you to keep in mind that the guest is the focus. He should feel comfortable with you as a temporary escort. A holiday escort is a small challenge for the guest as well as for you as an escort lady, but it is worth facing it.

On an escort date, go on holiday and enjoy time by the sea Holiday companion

Escort service: prostitution or a serious service

Here we should first define what prostitution is! Prostitution is the performance of sexual acts for money. Mostly prostitutes work in brothels, running houses, nudist clubs, on the street or in flats. Each of these areas differs in essential things from the other and so is the case with escort ladies. Working as an escort lady has been classified as prostitution in Germany, but working as an escort is associated with more requirements. It already starts with the price range, currently one hour in a brothel is about 100,-€, whereas there are no bookings under 2 hours with reputable agencies. Customers who book an escort lady are looking for companionship, stimulating communication and an erotic adventure. It is exactly the interaction of these 3 points that distinguishes an escort lady from a prostitute.


In summary, the escort service offers the perfect temporary partner. With the clear idea of the customer to also become intimate with the escort lady. The escort ladies should only offer services with which they feel comfortable and which they can reconcile with themselves, because escort should be fun, both for the clients and the ladies. The lucrative job of an escort lady is often offered by women who are communicative, enjoy sex and like to meet new people. Even young women can finance their lifestyle, their studies or their training with this.

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