Men fattening their women: the feeding fetish

Extremely feeding a person? What does that have to do with eroticism? Yes, there really is a feeding fetish. Do you want to know what it is?


by Bell Bennett

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Men fattening their women: the feeding fetish

Admittedly, at first the term “fattening” sounds rather negative. But for men or women or couples who live out a feeding fetish, the eroticism actually lies precisely in “feeding thickly”. As a rule, feeding only works if both participants enjoy it and find the act of feeding arousing. However, the background is usually not just a preference for particularly fat women or men, but lies hidden somewhere else entirely. Let's take a look at what the feeder fetish is all about.

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Extreme feeding Man feeds a woman with a fork of spaghetti

What is a feeder?

A feeder is a person who gets sexually excited by feeding his partner. The explicitly desired goal is the significant weight gain of the sex companion - and this is not just about pronounced hips and fat women's asses. Body fat in itself is perceived as incredibly sensual - the more, the better.

And the fact of being actively involved in the process of feeding fat also exerts a not inconsiderable appeal. The English term for this fetish is "feederism" - translated as feeding fetish. In fact, we need to look at this love of fat from the psychological side to understand it better.

Why some people are turned on by erotic food and weight gain

Feederism is described in the book "Archives of Sexual Behavior" by authors Terry, L. L., Suschinsky, K. D., Lalumiere, M. L., & Vasey, P. L. as "a fat fetish that focuses on erotic eating, feeding and weight gain".There are two types of people that exist within this fetish culture: Feeders and Feedees. Feeders are people who find sexual pleasure in feeding other people and seeing them gain weight. In contrast, feedees are people who find sexual pleasure in being fed by others and gaining weight.In psychological literature, the feeder type is described as a paraphilia - a term used to describe an unusual or uncommon sexual interest. There is not much data on how common this feeding fetish is.However, the research findings on the book "Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life" by Justin J. Lehmiller are interesting. 

A couple feeds each other

According to the social psychologist and author, they suggest that at least the fantasy of being a feeder is not as rare as originally thought.The basis for this book was a survey of 4,175 Americans who were asked extensive questions about their sexual fantasies. This included the question of whether they had ever fantasised about feeding someone else. The results were fairly similar for all genders and sexual orientations: 13-19% of participants said they had ever fantasised or imagined feeding someone. Heterosexual women were the least likely to have thought about it (13%) and homosexual men the most likely (19%). However, no more than two percent of any gender or sexual group reported having frequent feeder fantasies. So recurrent or strong sexual interest seems to be rather rare. However, the feeder syndrome is acted out much more frequently in the constellation of men fattening women - the variant of women fattening men is much rarer.

a men is feeding a blonde woman

Where do feeding fantasies come from?

There are various theories about this. Some claim that the extreme feeding fetish is an exaggeration of the fact that we find food and eating mildly arousing in the first place.

Evidence for this would be a study in which people not interested in feeding reported their sexual arousal when looking at and listening to sexual, neutral and food stimuli.

The researchers found that feeding stimuli were perceived as more arousing than neutral stimuli (though not as arousing as sexual stimuli). Others, however, argue that the feeder fetish has characteristics that overlap with both morphophilia and BDSM.

Wait a minute, we have to explain this briefly: Morphophilia describes the sexual attraction to a certain body feature - in this case fat or obesity. In other words, male feeders simply like all-round fat girls. They love the softness of plump breasts, big bellies and heaving buttocks.Men who fatten women, however, often also satisfy a more or less strongly developed sadistic streak, which reveals the BDSM character of feeding: it is to some extent about discipline. Feeders want to experience the power they have by controlling the food supply, its timing and quantity. Fattening can even be a form of humiliation.

Do food and sex belong inseparably together?

The topic of sexual pleasure in eating and feeding is not new! Many people even like to incorporate the sensuality of eating certain foods into their foreplay. Sucking on strawberries, sliding a chocolate between your partner's lips or licking cream off your body are just three of many examples. Feeding, however, goes well beyond this and many lovers of fattening or being fattened hardly dare to talk about it. After all, in today's society, it is important to control oneself and watch one's figure. But our sexual fantasies and desires are very complex and incredibly diverse. It is therefore quite possible that different people find the most diverse things arousing. Likewise, women and men can tend to feed for very different reasons or perceive fattening as care or humiliation, for example. So it is simply not possible that only one of the above explanations is correct. Rather, they may all be correct to some degree. But regardless of the motivation behind them, many people can confirm that food is sexy in certain situations, very sexy indeed! By the way, most feeders say that they don't want to fatten their partners to the point of immobility. But an average weight of 150 to 200kg is extremely attractive to many feeders. Some also desire to be fed and gain girth and weight as well. However, it is extremely rare to find two people who like each other with the same or similar enthusiasm for feeding as for eating.

Responsible feeding - is that possible at all?

The key to fattening without health risks would be a healthy measure of things. But this is exactly where the mouse usually bites the tail when it comes to feeding. The desire for fat often gets out of control. Feeders sometimes "supply" their women with thousands of calories a day. They enjoy the ever voluminous, soft "padding" of their sweethearts. And the ladies occasionally (mis)understand the permanent over-supply of food as devoted care. They no longer realise that their health suffers from the vast quantities of food. In other words, both lose all sense of proportion. Let's not get it wrong: a few or even several extra kilos on the hips can not only be very attractive, but can also be within healthy limits. As long as the fetishist leads a relatively active and sensible lifestyle. Extreme overweight or massive obesity, on the other hand, are very questionable from a medical point of view. We would therefore like to appeal to feeders to act in the best interests of their fattened partner and not to overdo it. After all, no one is served if the partner ends up unable to leave the bed.

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Fat women want sex

Of course they want to! After all, sex is one of our basic needs and voluminous girls are sometimes even said to be particularly wild in bed. Whether you can get them excited about feeding you beyond an erotic snack is another matter. The fact is that many men are attracted to hot, voluptuous women. The idea of burying your face in huge cleavage or feeling the weight of a fat woman on top of you quickens their pulse. They love the fact that ruby women don't care about the dictates of society and can eat even bigger portions with great pleasure. There are also some curvy women among our escorts whose sexy curves make men's hearts beat faster. The ladies are definitely up for a dinner together - after all, a tingling night can be well introduced by dining together. But be careful, dear gentlemen, there is one thing you should know before you make an appointment. The following applies to our escort ladies: Please do not feed them!

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