What is face sitting and how does safe face sitting work?

Facesitting is often practised in BDSM, but more and more couples are also trying it out, but what exactly is face sitting and how does it work safely?


by Bell Bennett

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What is face sitting and how does safe face sitting work?

More and more often the word facesitting or queening appears when it comes to oral sex positions, but especially with the word "queening" it is difficult to imagine something under it. The word facesitting can be derived from English a little easier and that's exactly what it is, namely sitting on the face. Mostly the partner spoils the woman with a cunnilingus. Now you are probably wondering, "What is cunnilingus?". Cunnilingus is the term used to describe oral sex in which the woman's external sexual organs, i.e. the labia, the clitoris and the vaginal entrance are pampered with the tongue, teeth and mouth.

How does facesitting work?

In the sexual position Facesitting, as already mentioned, usually the woman sits on the man's face. During this he can lick the woman and spoil her with his tongue and mouth. In this love position, the woman can decide how far the man can go, how hard and also where he can lick. The woman can sit on top of him, supporting herself with her knees and facing her partner, and thus control her movements easily and quickly. She can move up and down or to the side, to the left and to the right. The partner can thus directly see how he satisfies the woman. But this position can also be practiced the other way around, with the man sitting on the woman's face so she can lick his ball licking or anus.

If the partner sits properly with outstretched legs on the face, the love partner, it is very difficult to control the movements and the pressure on the face of the partner lying below, also often called "seat cushion" or just "cushion", is higher than when kneeling. This practice is also called "facesitting full weight", because you sit with the complete weight on the partner's face. Mostly this variant of facesitting is used in the BDSM scene.

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What is Jeans Facesitting?

Here, too, the answer is actually already in the word. Here the woman is not naked, but clothed, mostly of course as already said in the name with a pair of jeans. Thus, the partner lying below must satisfy the woman through the jeans and the tight fabric. In addition, just by the dense and quite air-impermeable fabric, the breathing of the partner is made difficult. Mostly this is used to show the partner that you want to dominate him and thus humiliate him. You can learn more about humiliation and dominance in facesitting in our next sections.

What is jeans face sitting

What is Reverse Facesitting?

In reverse facesitting, the partner sits upside down on the face of the "pillow", that is, with the face directed towards the body. This position is especially suitable when you want to pamper your partner's anus and for the so-called rimming, or anilingus. Also popular in reverse facesitting is position 69. Leaning forward, both partners can thus pleasure each other, while the upper partner still has the possibility to control the lower partner through pressure and freedom of movement. This "French position" is equally satisfying for both partners.

Licking your partner while face sitting

Facesitting Extreme, what is it?

Extreme facesitting is mostly practiced in the BDSM scene. Here it is not only about the satisfaction of the woman, but to show dominance to the cunnilingus giver. Through the Full weight facesitting, it can come with the partner, in the case, to intentional breathing problems and the woman contributes consciously to the breath reduction.

Of course, this practice can be extended at will, be it on the one hand by bondage, that is, the sub (the partner lying below who is dominated) is tied up by means of certain techniques, or one uses further aids such as a latex, lacquer or leather mask, which only has a recess for the mouth. 

A humiliating tool for the sub would be a so-called dildo gag. While with a normal gag in the mouth he would not be able to please the woman, or the partner, with the mouth, the dildo gag offers the feature that he can have a dildo on both sides (sometimes only on one) thus the sub has a dildo in the mouth and the outside lying dildo spoils the dominant partner. In this way, the woman could also satisfy herself as in the riding position, by means of facesitting and basically, "riding" on the man's face. However, you should start slowly with such practices and approach together and not drive it too wild too fast, so that everyone can try out his load limits for himself beforehand.

Golden shower and facesitting

Especially in the BDSM area and if there is talk of humiliation, then urinating in the face or even in the mouth of the partner is a possible practice in facesitting, just as the submissive partner then licks the dominant partner clean again afterwards. A further increase of this practice would then be the giving of caviar. 

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Safety First! Using lick cloths for face sitting

Hygiene and safety in facesitting

Especially with extreme facesitting, you should agree on a code that clearly signals "stop" to your partner. A code word should not work too well in this case, which is why you should also agree on a certain gesture, such as tapping your hand on the bed 3 times or holding up a certain finger. Breath reduction should also be done with care and the Dominant partner should always ensure the safety of the sub and know exactly what he is doing.

As with cunnilingus, it is recommended that the woman is freshly showered beforehand, or at least has washed herself around the bottom. It would also be an advantage if the cunnilingus giver had brushed his teeth beforehand, so that the oral bacteria do not spread in the vagina and in the worst case lead to an infection.

In addition, licking cloths, so-called dental dams are very good. These can be bought or simply cut a condom and take this to it. Condoms with different flavors give the whole thing an extra fun factor. Clearly, however, as with many other practices, use different dental dams for the anal and vaginal area.

Facesitting and Escort

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