What is OnlyFans?

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by Bell Bennett

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What is OnlyFans?

Founded in 2016, OnlyFans is an online platform similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this social network, pictures, posts, and videos are shared. The big difference to Instagram and others is that the user can offer his profile for a fee and in return, the followers have to pay a monthly fee (subscription) to see his posts.

In this way, artists and influencers can earn money without advertising or selling other people's products.

Especially in the erotic sector, OnlyFans is on the rise; many influencers, stars, and starlets are willing to put erotic photos or videos of themselves online on OnlyFans for a corresponding payment. But not only famous people are already successfully selling nude photos or erotic videos on OnlyFans, unknown people can also earn money with it. OnlyFans makes a basic classification is between the creator (the person who creates the channel) and the user. According to the platform's current figures, there are 450,000 creators and over 30 million users since the beginning of March 2021.

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Can I use OnlyFans anonymously?

As a user, it is possible to remain completely anonymous because payment via paysafe is also possible. However, as soon as you want to share content yourself, it is necessary to upload a photo of a valid ID document and a selfie with this same ID document to confirm your age. Of course, the photo is neither shown in the profile nor published and only verifies the age and the corresponding person. Since it is possible to register via Twitter, a Google account or an email address, it would theoretically be possible, although not permitted, to register as a minor yourself.

How does OnlyFans work and what does OnlyFans cost?

According to OnlyFans' terms and conditions, users must be at least 18 years old. After registering, you can follow certain people and subscribe to their account, sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee. Whether it is fee-based or free depends on the respective creator. To follow people whose channel you subscribe to for a fee, you have to register in advance with a credit card or Giro pay in your profile, from which the money for the monthly subscription will be debited. It is not possible to set up a PayPal account for this purpose with OnlyFans. The minimum price of a subscription is .99 and the maximum price is .99 and is automatically debited from the respective card.

If you would like to operate a paid channel yourself, you must also specify an account into which your earnings will be paid by your subscribers. You will receive your money depending on which payment method you choose — either when your OnlyFans account has reached or 0. With a direct transfer, you can withdraw as little as from your OnlyFans account and the money will be credited to your account within 3 business days. If you choose a regular bank transfer via SWIFT, you can only withdraw the earnings from your account once you have earned at least 0 at OnlyFans. The OnlyFans operator generally receives 20% of your earnings.


How do I create an account with OnlyFans?

Creating an account is easy, you register with your Twitter account or your email address. You enter a desired name and a corresponding password and after successful registration you verify your e-mail address and your account is already active. Now you can enter all your personal data, as far as you want to disclose it. If you want to earn money with OnlyFans, you have to upload an Avatar or Profile picture and a “Header” picture and enter a description of yourself. You can optionally connect your Twitter and/or Google account to OnlyFans. And as mentioned before, as soon as you want to earn money with OnlyFans, you have to verify yourself with an ID document. OnlyFans can only be used via an internet browser, there is currently no app for OnlyFans.

Are there porn videos on OnlyFans?

In contrast to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, OnlyFans does not control the content of its users. Especially in the erotic industry, there is money to be made with OnlyFans, so it is clear that porn can also be found on the site, provided of course that you have subscribed to the right creators. The user of OnlyFans profits from amateur porn and self-made videos that show the real world of sex and are far removed from professionally shot, unrealistic and unnatural films.

How OnlyFans works

Can I get paid with Amazon vouchers at OnlyFans?

At OnlyFans you can basically not get paid with vouchers or the like. However, OnlyFans has the option for you to add your Amazon Wish list. This way, followers can send you a little surprise without having to ask you first, or you're having to give them private information, such as your address. This way, a small package can be anonymously left on your doorstep as a surprise from your fans.

What can I earn with OnlyFans?

What you can earn with OnlyFans depends, of course, on how many followers you have and how much your monthly subscription costs. For example, if we calculate with 100 followers and the lowest subscription price, you will earn 9 per month. After deducting the 20% for the platform operator, you are left with approximately €335.00 per month at the current exchange rate. The more content and especially the more appealing content you post for the user, the more followers you will have and the more flexible you are in determining the amount of your monthly subscription price.

With the same subscription price, you could earn €1,675.00 with 500 followers and €3,350.00 per month with 1000 followers.

Meanwhile, OnlyFans has two more functions:

1. Tips:

You can ask your followers for tips. Here, users can voluntarily send you a tip directly below your post in the amount they feel is justified for your respective post.

2. Private Messages:

Your users can send you private messages for a fee. These two functions are added to your monthly revenue as income on top of your subscription earnings.

Do I have to pay tax on the income from OnlyFans?

Yes, the income from OnlyFans has to be taxed in the country in which you are liable to pay taxes. Accordingly, you have to report the income to the responsible tax office every year with your tax return. The amount of tax you have to pay also depends on whether you want to earn money as a freelancer through OnlyFans or whether you decide to register a business specifically for this purpose.

Alternative to OnlyFans?

Patreon would be an alternative to this in a way. There is a similar thought pattern behind the idea, namely to earn money with contributions. However, Patreon has tightened its terms and conditions and pornographic and erotic content has been banned, i.e., exactly the content that OnlyFans mainly lives on. Patreon is also home to stars, influencers and other celebrities. There, for example, videos are posted for a fee or podcasts and making-offs are displayed that no one else can see. The crowd founding model of Patreon is a little more flexible in pricing than OnlyFans. As a “creator”, you can decide whether you want to sell a contribution for once, or make it available to users for as a subscription, either weekly or monthly. You set the prices!

The alternative to OnlyFans: Patreon


At first glance, OnlyFans sounds pretty incredible and like a method to earn a lot of money quickly.

But one thing must be obvious to you: The internet never forgets!

You could ruin your future with certain pictures on the Internet because you never know where your photos will end up. Of course, screenshots and such are forbidden, but you can't prevent them. In addition, you will have a very hard time as a beginner if you don't already have a large following on other platforms that follow you. Earning money solely through the online platform is just impossible without said followers.

Since you agree in the terms and conditions that your data will be used in America. The company is also not subject to the provisions of the DSGVO and thus your personal data such as address, date of birth and so on are not sufficiently protected.

OnlyFans and Escort

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