All about Rapeplay

What exactly is rape play? Why is it dangerous and when did it become a trend among young adults?


by Bell Bennett

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All about Rapeplay

Rapeplay (composed of the words “rape” and “play”) is the term for one of many types of BDSM play. As the name suggests, it is about recreating a rape scene for sexual gratification. Many people are probably reluctant to even think about it, and the idea that others enjoy such sex practices often leaves them feeling uncomfortable. We recommend people who have been victims of sexual violence themselves in your life to better not read this article in their own interest. Rape fantasies are not really new in the context of role-playing. Rape BDSM or Rape SM are typically well known to people in the fetish scene. As with most fetishes, rapeplay is about the pleasure of submission and the allure of feeling powerful or dominated. Currently, rapeplay is stirring up more than usual because it has become a hot topic on various social media platforms. So, it's time to take a closer look at the background.

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What is Rapeplay

The BDSM roleplay Rapeplay brings together a dominant and a submissive partner to live out a shared fantasy that is considered particularly arousing. Here, however, it is important to emphasize right away that it is actually a game, even if this may seem strange. The prerequisite for SM roleplay is always the clear consent of both participants. Rapeplay therefore has nothing in common with a real rape and the brutality against will that often accompanies it. The "roleplay submission" knows some sub-variants, such as the kidnap roleplay more precisely kidnapping roleplay, which imitates a kidnapping.

Submissive woman during rapeplay

Distribution of roles in Rapeplay

For all sex practices in the BDSM area, mutual trust is the indispensable basis. Also common for sexual Sadomaso play is the agreement of a code or stop word. The sense behind it is the following: As soon as one of the two actors speaks the fixed word, the other has to stop his action immediately. Only if both exist, i.e. one hundred percent trust and a stop word, can rape play become a pleasure.

By the way, the distribution of roles in rape games is predominantly such that the man plays the dominant part, i.e. that of the rapist, and the woman is in the submissive role. It is rather rare to meet sexual partners who exchange these roles, but this combination also exists.

Difference between stop word and slow word

Frequency of Rapeplay

Apparently, rapeplay is not as rare a secret sex desire as you might think. In fact, numerous people engage in this fantasy. However, most people keep this desire to themselves. This is partly because many condemn themselves for this fantasy. Therefore, even among BDSM practitioners, you will find correspondingly few people who actually act it out.

Rapeplay can and should generally take place exclusively in private rooms or SM clubs. The danger of confusion with a real rape when playing in public is simply too great. Whereby many rape players find the typical scene, in which the woman is overpowered by the man in the car park or at night in the park, particularly stimulating.

Naked woman in rapeplay with red shackles

Rapeplay - the sensitive fantasy

The special attraction of rape play is the physical confrontation between “perpetrator” and “victim”. The dominant (Dom) fixes the submissive (Sub) with his body or with restraints. Rapeplay therefore often takes place in combination with bondage. Couples who give in to this sexual inclination speak of the feelings of total omnipotence or absolute powerlessness that excite them so strongly. If you want to try this form of role play, you should approach its implementation slowly and not immediately put all your eggs in one basket. Because between the fantasy and the actual experience of what you have imagined, there can be a world of difference.

You should therefore rather start with individual partial scenes of the imaginary overall script – to be on the safe side. Perhaps you or your partner will not find the staging of the secret desire as pleasant as you thought after all. Even if you have never talked to anyone about your desires before, you should approach slowly and give a trigger warning. Rapeplay is a common but equally sensitive topic. So it's better not to overwhelm your counterpart.

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