Is the CAT position a new sexual passion or a normal sex position?

How do you perform the CAT position, and how does it differ from other sex positions? Experience the absolute WOW effect of the CAT position!


by Bell Bennett

12 minutes read

Is the CAT position a new sexual passion or a normal sex position?

The CAT position is the ideal complement to the missionary position, perfect for people who would not demand acrobatic feats from their partner in bed, but still feel the desire for more intense orgasms. Here, dull flower sex becomes an experience with a WOW effect for both partners with just a few modifications. This makes the CAT position primarily interesting for women who otherwise have difficulty reaching orgasm or only do so with clitoral stimulation. The best thing about it is that no other aids are necessary, nor is a special physical constitution required. For newly in love, it's a great way to start, especially since their faces are so close that their tongues can interlock wildly and you can read every reaction directly in your partner's eyes. Whispered words comfortably reach the ear and her hands are free to clasp his buttocks tightly while he feels her bosom firmly beneath his torso.

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The CAT position under the covers

CAT position - explanation of the term

CAT does not stand for the animal, but is an abbreviation for "Coital Alignment Technique". An expression that does not sound very desirable on its own. Nevertheless, it is a promising idea, because it refers to a position that leads to climax for both partners. The man penetrates the woman so ideally that his penis intensively stimulates her G-spot. She has a firm grip on him so that he is also optimally guided. Both experience a lot of pressure in the right places and come, even if not always at the same time, then usually quite violently. Helping with the hands to involve the clitoris is not necessary. All you need is a comfortable place where you can stretch out and perhaps a pillow to achieve the optimal starting position.

What is the difference with the missionary position?

The main difference with the missionary position is not only the depth of penetration, but also the nature of the joint movement. Women rarely succeed in experiencing an orgasm in the missionary position because the simple forward-backward movement takes place too far away from their erogenous zones. It literally does not fill them. In the CAT position, the man is only able to make a circular movement. The penis stirs with the glans quasi firmly on the G-spot, while his abdomen rests so tightly on hers that his pelvis circles over her clitoris and massages it extensively according to the position. This gives most women maximum pleasure, which they hardly ever get when they use the missionary position.

Man and woman in the cat position

A special sex position - the cat position

What does he get out of it?

But the man also gets more out of the CAT position, as his penis is enclosed more tightly, which increases the forces acting and intensifies the experience. (Similar to strong sucking with the mouth or a masturbator.) Due to the pronounced physical closeness, the partner's experience is grasped more clearly. Every movement of the other person can be understood exactly, including the approaching orgasm. An experience that usually leads to one being driven directly to climax even with the first clearly felt wave of orgasm.

What does the CAT sex position look like?

At first glance, the CAT position strongly resembles the missionary position. Both partners lie on top of each other. He is above her. However, she closes her legs and keeps her thighs pressed tightly together. In order to be able to penetrate her nevertheless, he slides up above her quite a bit. Finally, the pelvic crests of both are at about the same height. The penis penetrates vertically from above instead of diagonally from the front.

Instructions for the CAT position

The path to orgasm

It is common knowledge that men and women need a different kind of stimulation so that the act does not remain a mere mating ritual. 

how to climax more often

How women come

Women can be stimulated vaginally or clitorally, with clitoral stimulation being perceived by many as more effective. Due to the non-specific anatomical extension of the clitoris, the two forms cannot be clearly separated. The fact is, the path via the external parts of this pleasure organ leads far more directly to orgasm than the search within. Why many women nevertheless perceive an extra-vaginal orgasm as more mature can only be speculated. One assumes that half-truths from Freud's studies still haunt people's minds here. Much more important than the question of which form of stimulation is "more decent" is the realisation that women also have an excitable prostate gland, which is actually located internally and can contribute greatly to sexual sensation. 

The G-Spot

This female form of the prostate seems to serve no other purpose than pleasure.

It cannot be detected in all women. Its location is associated with the area generally referred to as the G-spot.

This zone can be felt with the fingers a little way diagonally back through a roughness inside the vagina.

Repeated stimulation of this area is felt to be extremely arousing. 

How men climax

Men climax more obviously. In addition to hormonal arousal, targeted friction under pressure from outside on the erectile tissue of the penis causes an erection. This builds up the necessary pressure in the area of the vas deferens. The discharge during ejaculation acutely changes the hormone status. The orgasmic experience is the result. It is relatively clear where friction must occur on the shaft. In addition, the nerve cells at the tip of the glans react particularly intensively to additional touch. The scrotum can be influenced by changing the pressure. The CAT sex position now guides the penis exactly where it needs it and builds up more pressure for it in the process. A win-win situation, so to speak.

CAT position - instruction

To experience this effect for yourself, first start in missionary position. As in typical flower sex, he lies on top and she on the bottom. Leaning slightly on his knees, he penetrates her. She either allows him a few thrusts to stimulate him or immediately closes her legs under him. She presses her thighs firmly together and pushes her pelvis towards him. He, in turn, presses the pelvic area adapted to hers. This inevitably causes him to slide far into her. He can now move his penis down from this elevated position while they both gyrate their hips. If this doesn't quite work rhythmically at first, no problem - take some time to adjust to each other's pace. She should be able to clearly feel the downward tilt of his penis inside her. This may be a very strong unpleasant stimulus at first, which she must first learn to accept carefully. If both can finally relax completely, orgasm is guaranteed with this sex position.

Man in bed, ready for the CAT position

Small adjustments for advanced users

Couples who are already more experienced can expand the whole thing a little. If she puts a slightly higher pillow under her bottom at the beginning, her pelvis moves a little higher and can take him deeper inside her. A particularly effective penetration can also be achieved by a modified position in a sitting position. You will probably feel like finding an adapted position on your own, which will lead you exactly in the right direction. After all, everyone's anatomy is a little different, so you first have to feel your way slowly during sex before you can take off with full energy.

Cat position helps men with a small penis

CAT Facts

A survey in the Journal of Sex and Marriage Therapy showed that 56% of women are more likely to reach orgasm with the help of the CAT position than with the traditional missionary position.

The chances of success with the CAT position are therefore 50:50. The position owes its popularity to Edward W. Eichel. To claim that he invented it is probably going too far. Nevertheless,

he was responsible for its dissemination and thus contributed to raising awareness of female pleasure. 

How can she create more pleasure for him from the CAT position?

With a little tact, her knowledge of his anatomical peculiarities also helps her to further enhance his orgasmic sensation. At first, she has the option of allowing him only minimal penetration repeatedly, each time firmly enclosing the highly sensitive glans with the vaginal muscles. His desire for the necessary stimulation increases greatly as a result. Later, when he is far submerged inside her, she can try to reach the base of the penis from the anal side with her hand. It is not quite so easy to feel, but just before the "point of no return" his penis will stiffen strongly once more. This is the moment when she can stimulate him additionally in the area of the perineum. The perineum is the area between the testicles and the perineum. Tender stroking contributes to an additional excitation of numerous nerve endings. This has an effect on the tension of the included muscles, so that the force of ejaculation increases.

Is the CAT sex position always exactly the right choice?

Those who try the CAT position for the first time are not necessarily immune to failure. The right technique to ensure that his penis doesn't get out of position while she pulls her legs under him takes a bit of practice. It doesn't help to put yourself under pressure here. Especially since intense orgasms rarely happen under tension. Besides, the CAT sex position is not the only possible orgasm position. Try it more often and combine the technique with other sex games as the mood takes you. As always, it's nice if you can prepare yourself well for the situation through intense foreplay. Of course, a lot of moisture helps to support deep penetration. Lubricating gel can do a good job here. But be careful, if you spread oil and gel too extensively on both bodies, you will create a very slippery work surface. This may make it harder for you to get into position. 

Combining slow sex with the CAT position

The CAT position can be combined very nicely with the currently popular slow sex posture. Indulge in extensive play beforehand, which also delays his orgasm a little and increases the pleasure more and more. Instead of a simple pillow, special sex pillows on which she can be positioned very nicely can add a special touch to the experience. Such pillows usually also allow the support of further positions, so that they can be used more often. 

What is permitted is what pleases

Couple vibrators can also be used very nicely in this position, as their clitoral part touches down very intensively between the bodies and it also receives stimulation at the perineum. An integrated penis ring is usually used for this purpose. If it doesn't work out or you are uncomfortable with the tightness, you can switch to the Viennese oyster. Your legs rest on his shoulders, which also allows very deep penetration.

Nach der Cat Stellung noch im Bett zusammen kuscheln

Is there anything to consider?

Basically, the CAT position is a gentle sexual practice. The body friction is a little higher than in other positions. This can be perceived as unpleasant under certain circumstances. This is a problem that mainly affects very slim people. If the pressure between your hip bones is too much or if it even becomes painful because you are both very slim, it is worth addressing the situation. You don't have to resent each other for a change of position. Sex is always nicer when both sides can relax.  The permanent tension in the thighs can cause cramps in the legs. Of course, this danger exists with many long positions. However, because of the strongly constricting position due to the partner lying on top, it is advisable to clearly draw attention to such circumstances in order to give each other a break, after which a joint experience of pleasure becomes possible again when the situation is resolved.

Can a small penis be compensated for by the CAT position?

Whether the CAT position is actually sufficient to compensate for a very small penis is difficult to judge.

A little more skill is needed to get started.

The risk of slipping out again may remain slightly increased, so that doggystyle or X-position are probably more recommended for such a constellation.

Cuddling together in bed after the cat position

The CAT position in the escort service

If you become intimate with an escort lady and wish a specific position, do not be afraid to put this request into words. If it is very important, mention your needs in advance so that an undisturbed course of your date together is guaranteed. Most escort ladies will certainly be very happy to get involved in the CAT position, as they are guaranteed a very high pleasure factor.

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