Dressing up to turn yourself on or just a childish game with disguises?

Learn more about the Furry fetish: From costume communities to sexual aspects. What lies behind this unusual but fascinating phenomenon?


by Bell Bennett

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Dressing up to turn yourself on or just a childish game with disguises?

When we think of a fetishist, we usually think of sex. No wonder, because a fetishist actually transfers his sexual feelings to an object or at least attaches them to it. These objects can also be body parts, such as a fetish for elbows or earlobes. In extreme forms of fetishism, it even happens that sexual desire is exclusively fixed on the object of desire. In these cases, the partner is irrelevant or sometimes even becomes unnecessary. However, sex or arousal do not always play the main role in a fetish. An example of this is the Furry Fetish. When you hear Furry Fetish, you may think of furs or skins of live or dead animals. But far from it! Furry fetish refers to animal costumes made of fake fur or faux fur. The community is also very divided when it comes to sex in animal costumes. Generally speaking, this fetish is more cute and less sex-related. Read this article to find out what this fetish is about and the reasons behind it.

What is the Furry Fetish about?

Furry fetish, with a lady in a leather cat costume

We have all dressed up at one time or another: For folk festivals, for school theatre or for carnival and Halloween. But that's usually where the urge to dress up stops. Adherents of the animal costume fetish, however, agree that they enjoy being able to put on the costume regularly. They use it to escape from reality and forget the worries and problems of everyday life. The so-called furrys give themselves over completely to their fantasy, almost like children playing. By putting on the costume, they transform themselves into a so-called fursona. This term is made up of two words: Fur and persona stands for mask. As a fursona, it is therefore possible for the wearer of the costume to slip into another role. The Furrys, on the other hand, think up their own names and character traits for their Fursona, which are then diligently lived out. Some actually take it very seriously with the animal character and then simply don't speak at all. The reason for this is that animals cannot speak either.

The important thing is always to become someone else by wearing the costume. Not only animals, but also mythical creatures or characters from fantasy films and video games can be used as costumes. The general rule is: the more colourful and inventive, the better it is.

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Who lives this fetish?

Fans of the anime and manga scene are, alongside gamers and fantasy fans, avid followers of the scene. Mostly, the followers of the Furry Fetish are young people or young at heart. In real life, they are often rather reserved, shy or even introverted. In the animal costume, the Furrys have the opportunity to live out their wild side. Some also describe that in costume it is easier for them to make contact with other people, have conversations and relax. They devote a lot of imagination and dedication to designing their costumes. It is very common that costumes are sewn by themselves, because the prices are extremely high. Since the Furrys are often very young, they have to save for years to afford a costume. The cheap costumes start at 600 euros, but these often don't fit well and often don't correspond to the respective ideas.

The furry fetish at home, when couples dress up as teddy bears

Tailor-made costumes, on the other hand, cost 1,700 euros upwards. A good fetish animal costume is then between €3,000 and €7,000, and the trend is rising. It is hard to believe, but some followers of the Furrie fetish even own three or more costumes. The costumes are then proudly displayed at large comic conventions or furry conventions. Some meetings of the scene also take place weekly. Here they simply spend their free time in animal costumes. Some of the followers romp around together or enjoy showing off their costumes in public. As a rule, sex has no place at a furry convention - and it is precisely this fact that sets the furry fetish apart from other fetishes.

What makes dressing up special?

For many it is difficult to understand what these people actually do and what the reasons are. Furrys see dressing up as relaxation. They can display character traits that they don't have in normal life. Maybe they don't dare to act out their true selves and are shy. With the animal mask on their head and among like-minded people, they blossom, feel accepted and embraced. Equipped with the fursuit, they feel big and significant. Creativity, playful behaviour and imagination inspire followers of the costume fetish scene. Some furrys love the feel of the costume as well as its smell and the wearing itself. Although the majority of Furrys see little or nothing sexual about the costume, wearing the animal costumes can certainly lead to sexual arousal. In that case, some love it when their partner puts on the animal costume, while others like to wear it themselves. Like all fetishes, the furry fetish is sometimes taken into the bedroom.

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Sex with or in an animal costume

Sex in a fursuit is not that widespread in the scene, but it does happen. Many categorically refuse to take the costume to bed with them, as it can get quite warm in such a fursuit. In addition, the view is usually restricted and exposing the genitals for a sexual act is also less easy in an animal costume. But of course, fetish animal costumes vary greatly. Some costumes are therefore quite designed to perform the sexual act. A dog costume fetish, for example, can be designed to be very cute on the one hand, but still has potential for sexual intercourse. Especially in the BDSM area, slaves like to be treated like dogs, at the latest here the thought of a cute costume disappears. A dog mask and a skin-tight suit usually replace the childish dog costume here. Leash walking is even sometimes practised in public, even on their knees. While they are on all fours in the dog costume waiting for orders, the dog slaves may already feel pleasure. Likewise, the mixture of fetish and BDSM is part of such types of play. The horse costume fetish, for example, is also very popular.

Furry fetish is sex with an animal costume

For this, a latex suit and a horse mask could be worn. A latex horse costume and the matching harness also tend more in the BDSM direction. Accordingly, things can get pretty rough here. In combination with the horse, the whip, for example, is used at one point or another.

These examples of costumes for hard BDSM sex are among the most popular costumes. Cats, unicorns and other animals are also popular templates for costumes. Some followers of the scene are also into being fucked by mythical creatures or their favourite heroes from video games or comics. This is where the lines between the furry fetish and the costume fetish become blurred.

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So the Furry Fetish tends in two completely different directions. However, the sexual tendency is not so pronounced here. Rather, fun, play and fantasy are in the foreground. If the Furry Fetish is practised sexually, it is usually in connection with BDSM. Mostly it is young people, fans of video games and comics, who practise the furry fetish.

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