Barefoot or with high heels? This is how trampling works!

Trampling in BDSM: An erotic balancing act between dominance and submission, where pain and pleasure excitingly merge.


by Bell Bennett

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Barefoot or with high heels? This is how trampling works!

Have you not associated this term with sex before? - But you should. Then you will have to realize that unusual fetishes like trampling are indeed often used. But what exactly is trampling?

What is trampling?

With this type of play, as with many fetishes, we are moving in the area of BDSM. This abbreviation stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadism & Masochism. In trampling, the submissive partner acts as a base and lets the dominant part “trample” on him. However, the term trampling should not create a false image. Particularly when trampling for the first time, extreme caution must be exercised: For example, the full body weight cannot be shifted to all parts of the human body, otherwise serious injuries are to be expected. Instead of trampling, one should therefore rather speak of a balancing act or an art in itself. After all, it is not at all easy to create the pleasure pain and keep your balance at the same time. Moreover, care must be taken not to seriously endanger the person lying below.

What is BDSM?

Trampling Sex

The trampling fetish is always accompanied by humiliation and the sensation of pleasure pain. It is widely known that slaves in BDSM like to be used as a piece of human furniture, such as a footrest. The use of slaves as human carpets, on which they stand and walk, is less common.

Men like to be trampled, women have more of a preference to perform trampling in the dominant role. Foot trampling preferences vary widely. Barefoot trampling with socks, stockings or nylon tights is more commonly known in the scene as the light version. It is ideal for beginners because the balance can be kept better and the feet are soft. In connection with corresponding fetishes such as the foot fetish or a nylon fetish, professionals are also very enthusiastic about this type of trampling. Depending on the desired position, many men enjoy masturbating or playing around with themselves. There are also various types of shoes for trampling, which in turn depend on the respective preferences. Sneakers, rubber boots, shoes with a certain profile or even boots are used. High heels are used for the highest art of trampling. Often these even have spiked heels. Sex can take place afterwards or the submissive partner satisfies himself during trampling.

What exactly is pleasure pain?

A woman and a man engaging in trampling

Instructions for trampling

As with all forms of BDSM, trampling is based on mutual trust and consent. In preparation for trampling, it is essential to agree on a safeword and a slowword. The safeword, which signals an immediate stop, must be unambiguous, as must the slowword. The slowword signals that the current ordeal is too hard and should be done a little more gently. This way the trampling is not interrupted unnecessarily.

This is how it works with the safeword


The base is the next thing to think about. The softer the surface, the less painful the trampling. A mattress or couch is very soft from underneath, but makes it difficult for the person standing to keep their balance. A foam pad, carpet or towel is therefore much more suitable as a base for trampling. If you like it really hard, you can also leave the pad out. In extreme cases, grains of rice, lentils or similar are placed under the slave.


At the beginning, it makes sense to approach slowly. The person doing the hitchhiking should sit on a chair or another seat. The weight can now be slowly shifted from there to the person lying down. Walls, ceiling beams or specially installed holding devices make the process much easier. These are extremely helpful not only for balance, but also as an aid to shifting weight. The weight should first be shifted slowly and steadily upwards onto the body. However, sensitive areas must be avoided. The neck, stomach and abdomen, genitals and also the entire head, as well as the spine, are not good "standpoints" for trampling. Incidentally, broken ribs are one of the most common accidents during this sexual practice and other bones have also fallen victim to trampling. But if you know what you are doing, you will enjoy trampling to the full. The duration is usually between ten and 15 minutes. 


Footwear, of course, contributes to the experience. Bare feet are soft, but still bear the entire weight of the body. This should never be underestimated. However, if the "ground" is very sweaty, there is a risk of slipping. Boot trampling is also very popular because of the visual effect. The profile of the shoes can be fine or coarser. Patent boots, rubber boots or boots with heels are equally common. Caution is always advised with stilettos or other shoes with spiked heels. Serious injuries cannot be ruled out and are almost inevitable for beginners. Therefore, one should always be careful when choosing a partner and also when choosing suitable footwear.

A woman taking off her shoes to engage in trampling with her partner

Trampling stories

During our research we came across numerous trampling stories. Each trampling story tells of people who could not be more different. Actually, this is self-evident, because every person is individual and lives out his or her preferences differently. The perception of pleasure and pain also varies from person to person.

Massage with the feet

Our first fetish story is about Guido and Sue. Sue is a Thai masseuse and has mastered the art of massage with the feet. Have you ever heard of the ladies who, according to Far Eastern culture, run their feet over your back to relieve tension? That's exactly what the petite Sue does. Guido met her during a visit to the massage parlour: "It was love at first sight. But at the latest when I got hot during the treatment, it was clear to me that I would marry this woman." That actually happened too. The two do not have a BDSM relationship and their trampling is not necessarily of the hard kind. Nevertheless, it is part of their regular foreplay that the petite Sue gives her strong Guido a good thrashing with her feet. Both enjoy this immensely. They have been happily married for many years.

BBW Trampling

The next trampling story is about BBW Trampling. BBW is an abbreviation and stands for “Big Beautiful Woman”. Sometimes the abbreviation SSBBW also occurs, this specifies what you surely already suspect. “Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman” actually describes a whole lot of woman. “If you let her trample you, you're tough!” jokes Marie's friend. Marie lives in an open partnership with her friend Mareike. Both are big and beautiful. They enjoy trampling with each other and also with changing partners. “Sometimes I meet someone online who just isn't built strong enough,” Marie reports. “I'm so into it and it's always a shame when a meeting doesn't happen. After all, I don't want to seriously hurt anyone.” Fortunately, she regularly finds partners with whom this is not a problem. However, the plump Marie would not like to try a high heel trample. “Once I had a rather lanky partner. I just realised that I must have interrupted the blood circulation by standing on his arm for a long time. You really have to be careful if you are stronger. I don't dare wear heeled shoes, even though that would be interesting.”

A plus-sized woman wanting to engage in trampling

Trampling BDSM

Trampling BDSM is the core of our latest story around trampling. The trampling fetish, as it occurs in a real BDSM relationship, is certainly appealing to many readers. Sebastian, the slave, takes off his shirt. Bruises are visible all over his body. “They're from trampling,” he tells me bluntly. “I am a slave, as it is written in the book. I am allowed to visit my mistress twice a week and on weekends in her flat. And on call, of course. Each time, she tries different shoes on me. I like to touch myself so much while she tramples on me. Not only the pleasure pain but also the humiliation just makes me horny.” Briefly, he looks dreamily out of the window. “My mistress often demands that I wear a chastity belt,” he adds almost a little sadly. “It's part of the humiliation. Sometimes she stands on my hands or arms, so I can't get a grip on my penis or balls, it makes me extremely hot. Because most of the time that means I get to fuck her afterwards. Sometimes I also have to lie on my stomach, then I also have to wait patiently.” The footwear used by the two is determined by the mistress, and it varies according to her mood at the time. Sebastian is proud of his trampling fetish and of his BDSM trampling relationship. Nevertheless, he does not talk about it among his friends and acquaintances. His family doesn't suspect anything either. “I don't ask my siblings what they do in the bedroom. Why should I tell them then?” In any case, he is right with this objection.

Find a trampling partner

If you like trampling, no matter what form it takes, you naturally need the right partner. A woman who knows how to turn the pain of pleasure into excitement. Your own partner is not always inclined to join in with trampling. This puts a strain on the relationship and leads to endless discussions, which makes trampling really no fun any more. Sometimes your partner is simply not dominant enough to satisfy your trampling fetish. If the partner is not even there, it is often even more difficult to be satisfied. If you open the door straight away, you will scare off new acquaintances. On the other hand, if you wait too long, you miss the opportunity to talk about your preference. Pleasantly, there are some ladies at BB Escort who can help you to find your happiness. They do not let themselves be trampled, but they are happy to do so with your guests. You will have fun with one of them or possibly with several by arrangement. According to your wishes, either barefoot, wearing sneakers, boots or other shoes, you will experience a very special kind of trampling. Just tell us your wishes and the experienced ladies will pamper you to the hilt. You can get an impression on our website. Of course, we will also be happy to advise you on the phone via our hotline.

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