Which clients does an escort girl meet?

If you work as an escort lady, you will meet a wide variety of clients. There is no general answer to the question of which clients you will meet.


by Bell Bennett

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Which clients does an escort girl meet?

Escort guests are as individual as an escort lady herself. However, when young women apply as escort ladies, they often do not know what kind of guests they can meet. Is it the young student who currently has no girlfriend and were at this point nothing is happening on Tinder? Is it the gentleman who has been single for several months or years? Or is it the businessman who wants an adventure? These are the rough ideas of the ladies about the possible customers of an escort lady. Based on many years of experience, we can give you a few examples of who the escort guests actually are.

You want to meet different men?

The young and attractive customer with clear ideas

Let's start with the first category of customers: The good-looking mid-20-year-old who does not like to date on good luck.
Peter (name and age changed) is in his late 20's. He likes to meet escort ladies because he knows what he gets for his money. Peter calls BB Escort twice a month and books a young lady for 3-6 hours. If he feels like it, he goes for dinner with the lady or invites her toa bar for a drink. Peter says quite clearly: He would have no desire on Saturday night to go to a club and invite an unknown lady for a few drinks. Followed by taking a cab to the next club and hanging out with subject lady for a few more hours. After that he mightbring her home should he be lucky, hoping that the evening was worth it and she allows him to go "up" with him, and if everything runs subject to plan, he does not even need to stay for the whole night. 

Should the young lady not wish to  spend the first night with him or she does not accept to let him spend the night with her at her place, even though he has already invested a substantial amount of money during the first evening, then Peter tries it a second time and goes out again with the lady during the next few weeks. Of course also here there is no guarantee for sex on the second or following dates! And certainly not to mention the guarantee of good sex.... So Peter books himself an escort lady when he ever he feels like it. The escort lady arrives, Peter has a non-binding date with good and certain sex, the sex should also be good, because this is an important part of the service of the escort lady. After a nice evening together, both separate with the certainty that neither of them have any further expectations towards each other. So the escort service has killed two birds with one stone and both of them are therefore happy! Rather than spending a lot of money on drinks, cab and Co. Peter instead spent this  money on an escort lady, which includes the security of good and certain sex and furthermore Peter does not have to invest his entire weekends to try and get to know someone.

I would like to become an escort lady!

The happily married husband

The happily married husband from Frankfurt during a business meeting in Hamburg.
Joachim 43 (name and age changed) Lives happily married for 14 years with his wife Petra. After 14 years of regular sex with Petra, variability has become a big issue. Of course Joachim loves his wife Petra, but even though Petra is his great love, he would like to try something different. 

Every day for 14 years always the same, the same woman, the same position, the same bed... he purely needs some sexual variety. To avoid any problems that could occur because of this and therefore to be on the safe side that Petra does not find out anything, a date with an escort lady is the only alternative to Petra. An escort lady will not call Joachim after a few days to try to meet him again, she will not want a steady relationship with Joachim and most important, she will not try to call his wife. For these reasons Joachim will discreetly call the agency and book an escort lady during the period he intends to be in Hamburg on a business trip. This gives him furthermore the security that he can be certain that the lady does not know him or that they run by chance into each other, and thus he has the guaranty of experiencing a very discreet anonymous escort date.

Escort lady as event escort

Steve 48 (name and age changed) from Berlin planst to visit an FC Bayern game in the Allianz Arena and does not feel like going there alone.
Steve, regularly flies from Berlin to Munich to see an FC Bayern game. Most of the time, he takes a friend as a companion. If his friends have no time, he calls the escort agency and books an escort lady who accompanies him to the soccer game in the Allianz Arena. On this occasion, he then also takes her for dinner and after ending up spending the night in the hotel with the escort lady.

I like that too!

Escort client who dates the lady at the football match

The curious one

Try something new that your partner does not like. Michael 47 from Munich (name and age changed) for 5 years happy in a relationship.
Michael is very happy with Kristin, but Michael got a link to a porn movie from a friend. He went to his wife Kristin, showed her the movie and wanted to try some new things with her in bed. But this was out of the question for Kristin. But Michael would like to experience how Greek erotic (anal) feels. For this reason, he calls without obligations the escort agency to inquire if they do have any ladies that might have fun and also experience in the field of Greek erotic. Since Michael does not want to have a date in the city where he lives, he discreetly books an escort lady into a hotel on the outskirts of his home town. Nobody knows him there and vice versa. Michael meets with the lady of his choice in subject hotel, experiments with her the adventure of Greek erotic and does find it quite exciting. He has thus made his experience, he has satisfied his desire with it and most importanty, he is still happily together with Kristin.

The stopover

James is 52 years old (name and age changed) and lives in Canada.
James is flying to Zurich for a vacation. During the long flight from Canada to Zurich, James has not been able to find a connecting flight to Zurich and hast he intention to stay overnight at the Hilton "The Square" at Frankfurt Airport. During this occasion he has booked himself an escort lady in Frankfurt, in order not to have dinner alone. Besides, he always wanted to meet a typical German woman. He read in Canada how attractive the women in Germany are. Important to James, is also of course, that the lady speaks good English, because he would like to be eventually able to talk to her during dinner.

Escort client has a stopover and books a lady

The tourist books an escort lady

Li 43 years (name and age changed) from China is visiting Germany and would like a suitable companion.
Li makes his long-awaited vacation in Salzburg. Here he is in search of a nice companion who will also show him all the tourist attractions in and around Salzburg. For this he has only 3 days available before he needs to fly back home. Li calls BB Escort and explains exactly what kind of lady he is looking for and what kind of sites he would like to visit. Neuschwanstein, Chiemsee, Tegernsee and Kitzbuhel are of particular interest to Li. He is in search for a lady who has no fear of physical contact, but who is even more interested to find a partner during his visit in salzburg who has exactly the same interests, is educated and is looking forward to visit all the sites he is so keen to explore. Of course, BB Escort also a in this case has the right suitable young companion for a joyfull time.

I would like it!

The widower books escort ladies

Josef is 69 years (name and age changed)  a widower and also since two years pensioner.
He is looking for an escort lady who mainly cooks with him and also would not mind to cuddle a bit with him. Sex is no longer of such an importance to Joseph, he is mainly really looking for someone with whom he can talk. The escort lady should be well educated. She should be a little more mature which means that in any case she should not anymore be in her in her early 20's. Josef enjoys pampering women, he likes to give massages  and even enjoys giving foot massages. Mostly he would like to have a home cooked meal together with a lady of his choice. Josef just mostly enjoys to have for a few hours again the feeling of togetherness and the regularly booked escort ladies give him the feeling that someone is there when he just wants to spend some time with an attractive lady.

Widowers are escort clients to avoid being alone for a short time

The couple books an escort lady

Patricia 33 and Kevin 35 years (name and age changed) are a couple which are looking together for an adventure with an escort lady.
For quite some time now, the two have been talking about trying out a threesome and also spending a night in bed together with an escort lady. Both have no single girlfriends among their friends where they feel they can address this without being judged or possibly even risking a friendship. So they have decided to coordinate a date with an escort lady via an escort agency that also offers dates escort dates with couples. Since the escort ladies are professionals in their job, the booked lady also knew exactly how to deal with the first booking, with the somewhat helpless couple. Meanwhile, the couple regularly books escort ladies to live out the fun during a threesome.

Apply as escort lady

We hope we could give you an insight about the customers of an escort lady. Can you imagine getting involved in the adventure of escort. Then we look forward to your non-binding application. BB Escort also supports beginners in the exciting and lucrative job as an escort lady.  

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