Why do escorts earn so little?

Increase your escort income: Learn how availability, flexibility, and customer orientation can influence your fees.


by Bell Bennett

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Why do escorts earn so little?

As in any other job, escort ladies talk to each other when they meet. They often talk about their fees. They automatically compare their own income with that of the other women. Some are amazed: one colleague earns 1,500 euros for a three-hour date. Another, on the other hand, only gets 600 euros for two hours with a client. Some women easily get fees of ten or even twelve thousand euros a month. Others are happy to go home with 2,000 euros at the end of the month. There are many reasons for this. We explain the most common and important ones here.

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Often difficult to reach

Especially escorts who work independently of an agency often do this part-time. Of course, this means that they can answer their phones poorly or not at all during the day. However, clients usually have little desire to spend hours on the phone chasing a potential date. Which means that in the evening, when working companions could finally make appointments with clients, they have usually already looked elsewhere. Those who can only speak freely on their mobile phones and arrange meetings in the evening are usually at a disadvantage from the outset.

On the other hand, ladies who cooperate with an escort agency can agree on dates more quickly.

They receive all the information about the date in a short and concise message on their mobile phone, and only have to confirm or cancel appointment requests briefly. As a rule, this is also possible during working hours. This way, people can easily meet after their main job or in their free time. Clients who have to try several times to get in touch or wait a long time for a reply will in most cases drop out. After all, there is not only one escort or one agency in the city, but several. Good accessibility is therefore a very important factor when it comes to the topic of low income escorts.

No willingness for longer journeys

The unwillingness of escorts to travel is also a cause of sparse booking requests. If you only accept meetings within a 20km radius of your home, it can be difficult to get a worthwhile number of dates. Especially escorts who do not live directly in the city centre have to be prepared to travel 50, 100 or more kilometres. From experience we recommend that you accept at least 100 kilometres each way. This distance can usually be covered in less than an hour and may well be worth your while. If you don't feel like it, you can expect to earn little or no money as an escort.

Customer request: rejected!

The customer is king! Of course, this also applies to gentlemen who book escorts. This does not mean that you have to go beyond your personal limits. But you must show a good degree of interest in the sexual preferences of the gentlemen and the willingness to fulfil them! Otherwise you will quickly notice that too many clients will decide otherwise and you will be left without dates.

Example: A man asks for role plays and has two favourites who work with the same agency. But since he wants a single date, he asks the agency which role plays the ladies have in their repertoire. Let's assume you don't feel like it and answer relatively curtly: "I could imagine playing a housemaid, but I don't have a suitable costume.

But the other lady replies: "What would the gentleman be interested in? I can play the governess, the au pair, a waitress or a doctor. I even have the right outfits for that in my wardrobe."

Which escort do you think will get this Date?

In all likelihood, the more flexible one, of course. It's the same with many other wishes, such as sex in threesomes or in unusual places, etc. If others make more effort and are more willing to experiment than you, you will soon notice that. In that case, because then hardly anyone will show interest in dating you. After all, most gentlemen get the standard flower sex at home. You should just keep in mind that most of them turn to an escort or an agency in search of variety and adventure.

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Unrealistic photos

Another point why the demand for individual ladies can quickly wane is this: the photos on the sedcards are simply too heavily edited and hardly correspond to reality. Don't get us wrong: of course you can work a little with filters and put yourself in the best possible light. But when you meet the client in real life, he should be able to recognise you without any problems. So don't make yourself look slimmer, taller or more tanned than you really are. If you do, it can happen that it's only ever the first date with a new client. In most cases, it is the regular clients who help escorts to earn a stable income.

Inappropriate behaviour

Here we could list a number of points that have already been reported to us. For example, it goes down very badly with clients if you talk about private disagreements or family problems when meeting them. Unpunctuality, rudeness or badmouthing colleagues in the industry are also real mood killers. However, clients find it particularly inappropriate when escorts gossip about other clients during the meeting. After all, they automatically think that they themselves could be the topic of conversation on your next date with another client. Discretion and politeness are therefore essential if you want to be booked several times by the same client and even recommended to others. This is the only way you can earn money, because without meetings there is no fee.

Five professional tips for successful escorts

Here are the five most important factors for successful escorts:

  1. You must be easy to reach for clients or for your agency.

  2. Be prepared to travel at least 100 km to the client in order to get more appointments.

  3. Offer a certain repertoire that covers as many client wishes as possible.

  4. Equip your agency profile with professional, but natural and above all realistic photos.

  5. Be discreet and friendly in your appearance and do not talk about private matters or other clients on dates.

If you keep these points in mind, you will be several steps closer to your goal of earning good money.

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