Work as escort despite relationship

In a successful relationship, everyone should accept the other as they are, and you happen to work for an escort agency.


by Bell Bennett

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Work as escort despite relationship

In a successful relationship, everyone should accept each other as they are. Also when you work for an escort agency. For you it was always clear that you can do little with waitering and babysitting. The idea of working as an escort, either temporary or long-term, immediately seemed more attractive to you. Above all, the job proved to be much more lucrative.

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Sounds simple, but unfortunately it is not

A partner who is not agreeable with their significant other's escort work

What is just a job for you, is still difficult to digest for our society. So sooner or later, every escort lady reaches the point where she has to balance between self-confident appearance and sovereign reservation. When you already don't know in your circle of friends who you can trust and how much, you are even more likely to stumble in the context of your relationships. Is it even possible to have a healthy relationship while working as an escort?

Recurring hurdles

At first you might think, "Sure, why not?" For you, your job and your personal life are two completely different pairs of shoes. For you. But what about your partner? After all, your significant other may have a different moral stance on your actions than you do. Such inconsistencies can quickly turn into relationship killers. In this context the stumbling blocks repeat themselves almost predictably:

  • partner is uncomfortable that your sexual preferences are viewable via your sedcard
  • jealousy - you spend quality time with other people and do with them what your partner thinks he/she has exclusive rights to
  • a partner becomes afraid of you being recognized and the image of your profession rubbing off on him/herself (especially tricky for executives and alike)
  • your working hours are difficult to combine with a conservative lifestyle (wanting children?)
  • partner may already have children and fear that your attitude or society's attitude toward you will negatively affect them
  • you can't agree on how openly you should live your job
  • your partner is afraid that you will reveal intimate details about them or that this will create a false image of your private intimacy
  • there is fear of contagious STDs
  • you live in time past each other - you are out when he/she has a break from their nine-to-five job; when you are at home, you are not in the mood for sexual games or partying.

It is necessary to overcome clichés

These are just examples, but they show quite well where the real problem is. In our minds, the idea of receiving money for sexual activities is strongly associated with the image of the disreputable street prostitution. Our mental cinema creates images of coercion and unclean establishments. If we fail to think beyond this, moral objections arise. Shame and disgust take over. Of course, it is possible that you will meet educated people who will give you a chance to explain your everyday life. The feeling of having to share

However, the second hurdle often hits. Jealousy. What if you have more fun with your clients? What if you take more time for them? What if you don't tell them everything (which you're not allowed to do)?

Latest at these moments, you should talk to your partner and go deep into yourself. If no agreement can be found, you should make a realistic decision. It can be quite hard: job or relationship? A jealous partner is sometimes a serious danger for you and your clients.

The consequences of jealousy

An escort lady conceals her occupation from her partner

Risks for you:

  • the partner might use violence
  • emotional stress
  • the partner ousts you against your will in front of friends and family

Problems for the agency and customers:

  • the partner spies on you and puts your customers in uncomfortable situations
  • the partner attacks or exposes the customer
  • the agency loses customers

What's the best way to handle the situation?

To prevent these situations, clear communication from the beginning is recommended. Talk to your current partners about your plans to try escort or introduce new partners to your escort activity. Communicate clearly what you are doing and where your limits are. Above all, make it clear that you are not allowed to reveal any details. Show your profile so that the partner can ask questions immediately and give the other person time to get used to the idea. Don't try to convince anyone. Deep-seated rejections always result in conflicts.

Try to reach out to each other

Come to direct agreements. Under certain circumstances, this may also mean that the other person is allowed to have sex with other people. Define your basis of trust very precisely here. Trust is more than monogamy. Trust means being there for each other. Inform your partner about your hygienic standards, this takes away his fears in this context.

Minimum basics you should communicate:

  • you have sex with other people
  • you are seen in lingerie and topless in photos
  • you are often away from home in the evenings and on weekends
  • you won't tell anything about your dates

It is very important that you put your objective relationship with your dates into words as well as possible. Make it clear that being with your partner offers you much more on an emotional level.

Where experience teaches us boundaries

Keep your escort occupation to yourself

It is not advisable to combine escort work and a relationship when there is no longer a clear separation between work and professional life possible. This is the case when the boyfriend or girlfriend begins to interfere in your professional decisions. If they ask questions that you are not allowed to answer and insist on an answer. Also the other way around, no one is allowed to force you to start working as an escort. This is your decision and it is also only you who decides about the earned money.

The job must fit into your life

If you are still faced with the choice of entering the profession or not, clarify whether a separation may occur if you work as an escort lady - and whether a long-term relationship is not of more value to you.

In addition, you must be aware that the job costs time. Time that is less available when you are also trying to balance a regular job/study, relationship and taking care of children/elderly relatives.

Secretly work as an escort

If you consider all these possible problems, you may be tempted to simply hide the escort activity from your partner. This might go well for a few months. In the long run, such secretive activities are a huge burden for every relationship. If the cheating is discovered at some point, it is difficult to repair the foundation of trust after or to gain understanding for the activity. You become more and more entangled in lies, which will cause even the best relationship to fail.

Preserve the possibility to stand up for yourself

Try to be open from the start. If a new person enters your life, you don't have to come out right away. Sometimes the attitude to the topic can first be checked in general. If your counterpart is immediately dismissive about escort or is very prudish in the context of sexual topics, you get the chance to listen to your gut feeling early on and take a step back.

If you want to take the chance to work as an escort, then you have the opportunity to apply directly without detours. You can be online in a few days and earn your own money as an escort with us.


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