Taboo topics on an escort date - you should never talk about them with the client

There are some taboo topics that you simply shouldn't talk about with an escort client on a date. But why not and what are they?


by Bell Bennett

5 minutes read

Taboo topics on an escort date - you should never talk about them with the client

Charming conversation over a glass of wine is as much a part of the date as the goodbye kiss after sex. But what do you talk about with a gentleman? And which taboo topics should an escort lady avoid so as not to put her foot in her mouth? In our magazine you will learn how to avoid unpleasant situations and elegantly steer the conversation in the right direction. 

Tips for your first escort date

You won't talk about that with the escort client

One of the most common questions asked by newly-minted escort ladies is: "What should I talk about with the client?" Of course, it would be great if there was a crystal-clear flow chart to follow. But it's not that easy: every conversation is individual and flows on its own in one direction or another. There are, however, some points that an escort lady should avoid in the conversation. On the one hand, in order not to accidentally remain negative in the guest's memory. On the other hand, to preserve one's own safety and privacy. Both aspects are important in order to be successful as an escort lady in the long term. An escort date is not fundamentally different from other forms of rendezvous: Unpleasant events such as illnesses, strokes of fate and crises are taboo as a topic of conversation. The only exception: The client has a need to talk of his own accord and wants to talk about his worries with his escort lady. Political or religious topics are also difficult. There is potential for conflict that does not have to be. 

In contrast to a first date without a fee, however, an escort date can definitely be about erotic and sensual topics. Here, each lady decides for herself where her personal boundaries lie. If you don't offer extra services like anal sex, it can be unpleasant if the guest constantly brings up the subject.

Another no-go is gossiping about other escorts or past dates. If you speak badly about other people, the client will wonder what you are saying about them behind their back. Stories about the agency management or the internals of the escort agency are also taboo. Of course, there are men who ask their date about other ladies in the agency. Here you should give neutral answers and change the subject. 

Private topics are taboo!

An escort date is a non-binding meeting where the client is the main focus. However, you should avoid asking too many questions about his private life. After all, everyday life should be left at the door. The client wants to enjoy a carefree time and often has topics he does not want to talk about. This is often marital status or which company he works for. Some clients (like the escort lady) don't want to give their real name - and that's okay.

The same applies to your privacy as an escort lady. You do not have to answer every question you are asked. Real life information such as your real name, where you live or your marital status should be kept to yourself. There are always clients who ask questions to which they do not want to hear an honest answer. They ask, "Do you have a partner or children?" And then they are disappointed that you are a happily married mother of two.

That doesn't fit into their fantasy of the wicked escort. The best thing to do is to come up with a response for such situations that elegantly avoids the issue. Some men have a voyeuristic inclination and would like to know in detail what you have already done with other guests. Here you should also deflect charmingly.

After all, you don't want to give the impression that you are openly talking about the sexual achievements and preferences of your lovers!

How you really heat up the man!

Overview: Taboo topics for escort ladies

  • Personal data and information about the escort lady (real name, marital status, education, place of residence)
  • Personal details about the client, as long as he/she does not address them him/herself
  • Bullying about other escort ladies or clients
  • Internals about the agency management and the escort agency
  • Political controversies or agitating topics
  • Sexual topics that violate one's own boundaries
  • Crises, illnesses or deaths

Tabu topic brought up on an escort date, then change the subject over a glass of wine

Change the subject elegantly: How to steer the conversation

The responsibility for a successful conversation lies with both parties. Some clients want to talk about topics that are not appropriate for an escort date.

They ask questions about your personal background that you may not want to answer. In the interest of your own safety and privacy, you should change the subject at this point. 

A friendly "I don't want to talk about that" is often enough to avoid uncomfortable situations. Another option is to give neutral or evasive answers such as "Oh, I don't know about that" or "Wouldn't you rather talk about XY?

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe that will make every conversation a complete success. Sometimes the chemistry between gentleman and escort lady is not right, sometimes there are simply no common topics. The high art of escorting is to spend a nice time with the client anyway.

You have a great knowledge of human nature and a fine social instinct? These are the cornerstones for a successful career as an escort lady. We would be happy to advise you on how to get started and help you with the first steps! 

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