Cheeky night out

The main thing isn't just about looking sexy, but also the idea that a lady might not be wearing knickers under her skirt. You've got to be careful though, she can't wear so little that she ends up being a public nuisance. Really, just going commando under a skirt or dress can be considered as cheeky going out. Doesn't matter if the skirt or dress is long or short. It's a nice feeling not wearing anything underneath, and it's quite a thrill for many ladies to know they've got nothing on under there and might get spotted on the train or going up the stairs. Reminds you of that time when Britney Spears got out of her car, in a short skirt, legs apart, and nothing underneath. Whether she meant to be cheeky or it was accidental, who knows? But it's not just about skipping the undies, it's also about leaving off the bra, wearing a really low-cut top, or a see-through blouse. Even hot pants that barely cover the bum can be called risqué clothing. The thrill of cheeky going out isn't just for the one wearing it. Their partner can get a kick out of knowing there's no bra or knickers. Often, just knowing the woman is bare underneath can ramp up the desire for her, and the partner loves checking her out during their time together. But, of course, you shouldn't be flashing your bits in public.

Guys have a bit of a tougher time with cheeky going out, as there's a finer line between being risqué for blokes and causing a public stir. Sure, men can skip the boxers, take their shirt off in the park, or unbutton their shirt a bit more than usual. Plus, there are special risqué outfits for going out you can get in erotic shops. If you're not up for going public but still want to dress up cheeky for your partner, you can head to special bars, restaurants, or joints. And obviously, your partner will also appreciate a bit of risqué dressing at home.

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