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Becoming a popular escort girl is easy. The term ‘escort’ has evolved over time from the simple word ‘companion’. The ‘escorts’ are women who spend part of their time providing a socially orientated escort service.

This exclusive service is provided for a corresponding fee, which is determined in advance or defined as a fixed price by an escort agency and the escort lady.

The duration of this escort service can vary depending on the customer's wishes and can range from a few hours to days or weeks.

Below you will find detailed information on how you can become an escort yourself, what requirements you should fulfil and how a day as an escort lady can unfold.

Becoming an escort girl

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What exactly does an escort girl do?

An escort girl shares a small part of her private life with a mostly male person who has booked her for a desired period of time for a fee.

The range of clients is as varied as the profession itself. However, reality shows that the men who make use of escort services are extremely well-groomed and sophisticated, have an appropriate level of education and are extremely careful in their dealings with women.

The ambience in which you will find yourself is very pleasant and often characterised by a touch of luxury.

The service provided by escorts is just as high as the demands of the men themselves.

Escort ladies are mainly booked through our escort agency for social events, but also for trade fair visits, holidays and business trips.

Becoming an escort: Do I commit to sex with every booking?

As an answer to the question of whether love services are included in the service offer and what specific role sex plays in the escort service, it is basically not possible to make a 100% statement. Well, there doesn't always have to be a sexual desire behind the male guest. Many men will book you, among other things, ‘only’ for the purpose of accompanying you to events or trade fairs in order to ‘not stand there alone’. Many men are simply uncomfortable sitting alone at a lunch table on business trips or going on excursions without a partner. Even the female domain of chatting about certain current topics from business, politics and private life, e.g. over a cosy dinner in a restaurant or during an extensive city tour, is also a big issue for men. This is another reason why the demand for escort ladies is increasing rapidly. If you are attractive and sexy yourself, there may of course be certain needs on the part of the men, which often end in a mutual love game. You can have a healthy and open attitude towards this. However, the escort services will be clarified with the guest in advance.

What requirements should I have if I want to become an escort?

When new ladies become escorts, they usually work in a part-time job and therefore not full-time. They only meet their clients if they have the necessary time available and agree to the meeting. In practice, they are booked as escorts for several hours or even days. It does not happen that escort ladies only meet their clients for a few minutes. In such short appointments, sexual desire and satisfaction usually take centre stage. An escort lady, on the other hand, is much more than a prostitute and cannot be compared to one. The guest does not pay for a service, but only for the escort lady's time and perhaps soon with you. However, you could also offer such services if you are willing to do so. Decide for yourself how many visits you would like to accept per week and whether you value cultivated and long-term visits or rather prefer short meetings of only 2 to 12 hours.

Which men do I meet?

There is a wide variety of men: businessmen, millionaires, lifemen and singles are the most frequent clients in the escort service.

Don't worry - as a high-class escort you will not meet any unkempt or uncivilised men.

The escort service is well remunerated (we will come to this later) and is therefore usually only used by men who can afford the necessary small change. You will often be invited to restaurants or bars, with your client picking up the bill.

Check your own personal requirements, which play an important role as an escort lady:


The appearance and visual impression of an escort lady certainly play the most important role for men. Clients prefer above all attractive and slim women who do not necessarily have to resemble a top model. So if you are physically fit, appealingly sexy or naturally attractive, you already have numerous plus points that are important in this job.


Shy women find it difficult to give themselves over to the escort service. Every escort requires a healthy dose of courage and self-confidence. After all, you never know exactly what type of man you will meet and what occasions and locations you will be invited to. Escort girls are usually so self-confident that you can't tell that they have been booked for this service.


Eloquence is not necessarily required for the job. However, you should be able to entertain your companion to a certain point. Boring conversations are not appreciated. Warm up your partner during the service with targeted flattery and you will score double points. Only at important business meetings are eloquent women sought who can ‘join in the conversation’ to a certain extent without embarrassing the guest.


For some men, it is necessary to remain flexible. It can happen that an appointment to which you have been invited is moved back a few minutes. If you allow for a healthy degree of flexibility here, the men will thank you.


It goes without saying that you need to be well-groomed for your appointment? Excellent, because hygiene is a top priority for men. A nice scent, well-groomed and shaved legs and discreet make-up are a matter of course. Mobility: If you are mobile and can even travel abroad for meetings, many doors are open to you in this business. You will often have to travel to a destination by private car, bus or train, as you will not always be picked up directly by the client or a meeting will take place near you. Remain particularly flexible here.

Fashionably attractive:

Just as you take care of your face and figure, you should also attach great importance to your outward appearance. Do you have enough dresses and outfits in your wardrobe? Do you have the right outfit for the right occasion? Can you also impress your customers with the fashion ‘underneath’? Excellent - then you have already answered these questions in the affirmative.

Readiness for ‘more’:

As an escort lady, you are the centre of attention for many men. They often want more from you and round off many a day with a portion of sex. Depending on how much they like you, it can also be just caresses or kisses. You should be very open about this topic, as mutual physical contact, whether gentle or imposing, will accompany you in all situations in this job.

Have you answered all these key points in the affirmative? Excellent, then nothing stands in the way of your future as an escort lady.

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How does a day as an escort lady actually work?

Basically, this cannot be answered in a generalised way, as every date is different.

Firstly, the client contacts us via your personal profile - your sedcard. We coordinate the date with you and confirm it to your guest. You then meet at the agreed location and let everything take its course. Entertaining conversations in a restaurant or during a stroll through the city, small touches and a positive demeanour, together with a smile, are the most important elements of a date. The other person will compliment you, buy you a drink and enjoy your open manner. Perhaps he wants more from dirt and asks you to a hotel room where more can happen.

Another example: You are invited for a 4-day holiday in the sunny south. During the day, your client does his important business while you relax by the pool or on the beach. Later in the day, you go for a walk along the promenade together, have a meal in the restaurant and enjoy a drink at the hotel bar. You like him and he is overwhelmed by you and wants to end the remaining hours in your room.

Two of many possible scenarios that await you.

What do I earn in the escort service when I become an escort lady?

The ‘remuneration’ factor is of particular importance to you. This job is certainly one of the best-paid professions of all. The average salary for a 2-hour service, for example, is between 300 and 800 euros and for bookings that go beyond one night, up to 2,000 euros. However, several factors play an important role here, e.g. the quality of the escort agency, the profile of the lady and her classification. A ranking system has proven itself on the agency side, which you can use to establish yourself as a luxury escort lady. The remuneration of the ladies also depends on geographical factors.

As an escort lady, am I a prostitute?

No, definitely not. The difference between an escort lady and a prostitute is that Escort ladies are booked for a longer period of time. Prostitutes are usually only booked for minutes sex is not the main focus of the escort service and in the escort service, a cultivated appearance and a stylish ambience are preferred.

How can I apply to become an escort?

To apply as an escort lady, first fill out the application form. The agency will then contact you by e-mail to arrange a non-binding telephone interview with you. In this conversation we will answer all your open questions and a personal casting will be arranged. At this meeting, all points will be discussed in detail. And all the procedures leading up to a meeting with a guest will be explained to you. If both parties then decide to work together, you will create a detailed sedcard with the most important information about yourself, which will be viewed by the client. In this sedcard you tell something about yourself, your preferences and include appealing pictures of yourself. The sedcard represents your profile in the form of your self-promotion, so to speak. Design and describe it in as much detail as possible. Your charisma and personality are your assets, and stylish men spend a lot of money on them. Use the application form right away and fill it out completely. You can already look forward to the feedback.

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Is being an escort lady the right job for me?

For thousands of years, women have been meeting up with strange men for erotic adventures in exchange for money. In the past, this was often done out of poverty. Today, most ladies choose to become escort ladies for a variety of other reasons. Have you ever wondered whether you should pursue this profession? Then you've come to the right place! Because we will show you which points to consider when making your decision and what really matters in the escort service. Because one thing is clear: escort lady is by no means the right job for every woman and you should be aware of what to expect.

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Escort lady kisses man

Sex is practically your favourite hobby

Having a lot of fun having sex is certainly one of the most important prerequisites for becoming an escort girl. After all, there is a rather small percentage of clients who are just looking for a nice chat in the evening. Meetings with clients usually - though not always - end in bed. Also remember: most of your dates will be strangers! There is often a short profile with a photo of the client, at least if you book through an agency. However, you will only find out during the meeting whether or not you really like the client's physique, sense of humour, smell and much more. You should definitely realise that you won't only be sleeping with hot dream guys. If you don't see any problems with this and are even looking forward to it now, you are fulfilling one of the most important requirements!

Dressing up is very important to you

It is important for escorts to always look well-groomed. Do you enjoy putting on make-up and styling yourself? Do you like wearing dresses, pumps and sexy lingerie? Very good! Your future clients are mainly business people and they attach great importance to the appearance of their companion. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be a model and not older than your mid-20s. But you should know how to present yourself skilfully and attract attention. For example, if you see no reason to shave your legs in winter, you certainly don't have the right motivation for a job as an escort!

Escort lady looks seductive

You are open and communicative

Getting to know new people, activities and places sounds exciting to you? Can you deal with unfamiliar people and situations in a confident, open-minded and relaxed manner? Great! These attributes are also extremely important to be successful in the escort business. After all, erotic adventures are often preceded by a meal together, a visit to the sauna or a variety of other activities. Anyone who presents themselves there in a bad mood, short-tempered or disinterested is unlikely to be booked again by the respective client. The escort's self-confident demeanour and pleasant conversation are definitely just as much a part of a successful date as having fun in bed. But please don't overdo it: hours of stories about your stress at university, rants or bored looks have no place at a meeting. The customer wants to be the centre of attention and you should be able to convey this to them.

Reliability is out of the question for you

Many women who are new to the industry make the mistake of not taking their job very seriously. This can quickly put an end to their career and handsome income. It shouldn't make any difference whether you work as a receptionist, nurse or escort! Punctuality is also the be-all and end-all in this industry. After all, the customer is paying to meet you - not for a long wait or a cancellation. You should (almost) always be prepared to go on a date at short notice. After all, the more often you meet clients, the more money you earn! The fact is that quite a few clients decide spontaneously to enquire with an agency or an independent escort.

The quick buck as a motivation

Escort lady looks into her wallet

Do you just want to earn some generous pocket money or be able to buy your new Manolo Blahnik pumps as quickly as possible? These are not really good reasons for choosing escort work. For one thing, you can probably achieve these goals with less effort - after all, you have to be self-employed to work as an escort! Secondly, you can only do something well and be successful if you enjoy it. On the other hand, if you enjoy meeting different men and can imagine doing this regularly, that's a great starting point. If you are attentive, you can achieve a high standard of living in the medium to long term.

Are you actually single?

Another very important question is whether you are in a partnership. If not, it is of course entirely up to you whether or not you want to work as an escort. However, if you are in a committed relationship, you should clarify in advance whether your partner can handle your job. Because secrecy becomes very stressful in the long run and almost always leads to stress with your boyfriend or husband. Many men are quite possessive and don't want to share their wife with anyone. However, if your better half is happy for you to have sex with other men, nothing will stand in the way of you working as an escort.

Quick test

Here you can quickly find out whether working as an escort would suit you:

  • Are you into sex with changing men?
  • Are you a good listener and can you hold lively conversations?
  • Is daily grooming a must for you?
  • Do you feel comfortable in chic clothes and stilettos?
  • Are you reliable and seriously interested?
  • Is money your motivation for choosing a job?
  • Are you single or do you have a tolerant partner?

If you can answer all seven questions with a resounding ‘YES!’, working as an escort really could be the perfect career choice for you! TO THE ONLINE APPLICATION

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