In this role-play from the BDSM area, one of the two partners takes on the role of a baby or a toddler or a baby, for example. The other partner takes the role of the adult, or older part. Adult play or adult baby is a form of age play in which one or more adult persons play a role at a different age than their actual biological age. This game can be played with erotic components, but also without. This depends on the preferences and inclinations of the role-play partners.  An Adult Baby is a person who behaves as typical children in the chosen age group do. Basically, any age can be chosen here, from infant to rebellious teenager. Fetishes such as the nappy fetish can be optimally acted out in the role-play. Especially when babies and toddlers play partners of an infant or toddler, they often use accessories such as nappies, dummies, baby bottles and also baby porridge or bottled milk. There are also baby clothes that are made especially for adults so that this fetish can be catered for. Often the second partner has to feed the “baby”, change it and rock it to sleep and sing to it.

The second partner actually also takes on the classic tasks of a mother or father. The next age level would then be the smaller school child, sometimes particularly sweet, sometimes particularly bad, who needs to be rewarded or punished. Punishment can be spankings with the hand, with everyday objects, or even with BDSM materials. Moreover, very popular is the teen who falls madly in love with an older person is incorporated in Adult Play role-play. There are no limits to the imagination in Adult Play, one can embody a much younger “I”, but also a much older one. One can slip into the role of a child or also into the role of an adult. It is also not uncommon for partners to be on the same age level, two friends who are toddlers, or even 12-year-olds who are freshly in love. Of course, no minors are used for adult play, only adults, and the role-play only takes place with the explicit consent of all participants. Both Partners set the rules before the adult play, and the joint game should also be able to be ended immediately by both sides by means of a code word. 

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