Aftersex play

Aftersex play is the phase of sexual intercourse that follows the actual sex act (or coitus), which usually ends with the man's orgasm. Ideally, of course, both sex partners have reached orgasm and are fully satisfied. But what now? This phase after sex is just as important as foreplay and the act itself. Because even if foreplay and sex were wonderful, wrong behaviour afterwards as well as too abrupt an end can leave a stale aftertaste. The aftersex play is therefore an important transitional phase between the pleasure experienced in bed and the normal togetherness in everyday life. The fact is, however, that the time spent together after the first time is different from that of couples who have already slept together several times.

The stereotypical clichés, namely that men and women react differently after sex, are common knowledge: Men prefer to fall asleep immediately, while women would rather talk and cuddle. Even though this probably really applies to many people, there are nevertheless women who also love to go to sleep immediately. Likewise, there are also men who want to review sex together. Couples should generally not take these Aftersex play moments for granted. Since sex is an intimate experience, this special feeling of connection should not go unused. Loving, non-sexual kisses, hugging each other or just holding hands, a little physical contact can tell your partner a lot about each other's feelings. A few kind words and praise for achievements can also be appropriate. Serious topics, such as the future of the relationship or other possible problems, on the other hand, are certainly not part of the ideal conversation after sex. Here, it should remain positive and light in order not to destroy the beautiful moment.

Sometimes, however, silence is worth its weight in gold during the aftermath. Long-time lovers often have a connection that doesn't require many words, and enjoy showing their feelings without saying them out loud. They simply lie quietly next to each other and feel a close bond. If sex takes place in the evening before going to sleep and both spend the night together, it is often most obvious to just fall asleep afterwards. After all, sex makes you tired and is sleep-inducing. However, a goodnight kiss and a few words should still be possible even if you are exhausted. Falling asleep together in the spoon position is definitely a good postlude. Just as with foreplay, you can sometimes break out of the old routine and try something new. How about having a bath or shower together? Or maybe snacking or drinking together in bed? Many women have an appetite after sex and will certainly not say “no” to a few chocolates. After all, fluid intake is important after sex. The return to normality can be delayed a little longer with extensive post-sex play, and it can be the best hours of the day. No matter what happens, don't pick up the phone and check messages right after sex. This is simply rude and makes your partner feel unimportant.

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