Anal gloves

Anal gloves, as the name suggests, are mainly suitable for the anal area of women and men. Of course, these gloves can also be used in other areas. Thanks to the shape of the anal glove, you can massage your partner well or pamper your partner vaginally. Hygiene should always be observed here. As with any sex toy, wash after each use. Either wash with a mild and pH-neutral soap or with washing lotions specially made for sex toys. When the anal glove is used, it should also be washed briefly with warm water so that dust and other dirt do not get into the anal or vaginal area. The anal glove has different textures on each finger, giving a different sensation when inserted into the anus. The structures can be smooth, ribbed, raised or bulbous, among others. There are also penis-shaped anal gloves. Some gloves not only have knobs, nubs, or ripples on the fingers, but also on the inside and outside the hand, so that you also have a thoroughly exciting and thrilling experience when fisting. The often double-sided glove made of FLEX-TPR is also very suitable for handjobs.

Not only the shapes and variations differ, but also the material and also the colours. Some like the colourful variety in bed, others like the classic red or black. Dominas like to use anal gloves made of leather, lacquer, or latex. Depending on the texture and material, you can also use an anal glove to chastise your partner or beat him (with mutual consent). Some couples use a glove made of normal latex for their anal pleasure. For example, an operating glove because they find it more hygienic, or they still want to finger themselves afterwards without having to run to the bathroom every time to wash their hands. Even if you have several partners at the same time, you should put on gloves and change them with each partner.

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