Anal plug

The anal plug or butt plug is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus of a man or woman to stimulate the wearer sexually or to prepare for anal intercourse. To allow the man's stiff penis to slide into the anus more easily or painlessly, an anal plug is worn in advance to stretch it. Likewise, wearing it during everyday life can be arousing in two ways, and using a butt plug during vaginal intercourse is also described by many as a lustful gain.

The anal plug is thin at the front and gets wider towards the back. It is therefore well suited for stretching, as you can penetrate bit by bit with the anal plug as you feel comfortable. At the end of the wide part, it is very thin so that it stays in place and doesn't just slip out. At the end is a relatively flat but wide bar that prevents the anal plug from slipping in further. Because of its flat shape at the end, you can wear the anal plug in everyday life without worrying that other people will notice that you are wearing an anal plug. Of course, there are also shapes that are intended to be particularly noticeable so that it is obvious to outsiders that someone is wearing an anal plug. This is usually the case in BDSM and fetish studios, but also in swingers' clubs. For example, there are anal plugs that have a chain attached to the end so that anyone can pull out the plug. Very unusual models have tails at the end, such as a fox tail, a dog tail or even a pig's ringtail used for humiliation. These anal plugs are also known as trail plugs.

The first attempts should be made with a small size and lubricant.

As with dildos, plugs come in many shapes, colours and sizes, with grooves and holes, with and without a vibrator. Of course, they also come in different materials such as metal, jelly, stainless steel, glass, or silicone. For hygienic reasons, a condom should be worn. After each use, the anal plug should be cleaned with soap and warm water. Be careful with rubber, latex or PVC plugs. You should use a special cleaning agent for sex toys because normal soaps can attack the rubber of your plug and make it porous. Special plugs are vibro plugs, which, as the name suggests, vibrate. Depending on the device, the vibration can be set directly on the anal plug or even controlled via Bluetooth on your mobile phone. The prostate plug is curved in the same way that it is specifically designed to stimulate the male prostate. A pump plug is usually a little narrower and can be inflated from the outside using a pump. It only expands when it is inserted. The tunnel plug has a hole in the middle so that men can also penetrate the woman with their penis or insert their fingers. A spreader plug has a split shaft. This plug can be spread from the outside similarly to the pump plug.

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