Biting can have two functions in the sexual sphere. Firstly, the rather gentle biting and nibbling on the partner's lips, earlobes or sometimes on the man's penis or balls, or on the woman's labia. Even when one is in ecstasy, something during an orgasm, some people bite their partner out of passion. Here it is more about affectionate biting that is neither meant to cause pain nor to punish. Here both partners are usually on the same level and there is no dominant or subversive partner. The second area where biting is used is exactly what is not the case above. Here biting is used to chastise the partner, to punish him and to show his power over the other.

Biting any part of the body, such as the nipple, the penis, the arm, the neck, or even the legs or the belly, is done by the dominant and the sadistic partner. This partner is often called a dom. Biting is usually preceded by erotic role play, such as pet play wolf. The alpha bites the younger, weaker ones. This partner is also called a sub. In order to immobilise the passive partner and make him completely defenceless, biting is often accompanied by bondage. This can be done by tying individual parts of the body together, or to the bed or another object. The active partner feels pleasure through the absolute power over his sub, he is allowed to inflict pain to a certain extent and in an animalistic way. The inflicted pain and submission, on the other hand, excite the bitten. In the best case, no traces of the bite remain, but some enjoy bruises or bruises even after days. It is important that the bites should never cause injury to the skin or be so deep that the passive partner bleeds. However, if you have underestimated your strength, it is important to disinfect the wound and treat it in a sterile manner because human bites can also lead to serious health problems. 

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