Body insemination

The easiest method for body insemination is via a handjob. So, depending on who is doing the handjob, the man or the woman can decide directly which part of the body should be inseminated. For many men, the sight of the ejaculate squirting out is an additional boost to their climax. But often the body insemination is also a sign of dominance towards the partner. Not only by the handjob but also a blowjob can be fully sprayed the body of the woman. For this, the man must pull his penis out of the woman's mouth shortly before his ejaculation. On the front of the woman's breasts are very happy to be sprayed full by men.

Also during sexual intercourse, the man can pull his penis out of the woman's vagina early enough to then inseminate her body, belly or breasts. Also, during anal intercourse body insemination is a companion because men often apply. Here, of course, ejaculation is less often on the breasts or the belly but on the buttocks of the woman. After the body insemination, the body has to be cleaned. Some disappear immediately under the shower to wash off the sperm of the man. Others prefer to lick the sperm off the body. So, it can be that the woman licks the sperm in the places where she comes herself. In the other places, the man licks his sperm from the woman's body.

The special form of body insemination, is facial insemination. Many women have no problem with having the sperm on their body, but then in the face they do not want it. There are many reasons for this. Would you like a lady who likes to have her body inseminated, then look in the sedcard of the ladies under body insemination. The same applies, of course, for facial insemination. Also, some ladies have offered this in their sedcard. Of course, in the body insemination the man can also ejaculate on his body and the lady makes him then “Clean”. Sporadically, the skin can react to sperm something allergic, and it remains for a short time, red spots on the skin where the sperm was before. 

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