Bondage tape is a special utensil for bondage games. Unlike normal tape, it has no adhesive side, but sticks to the body and to itself. The special procurement and surface of the tape ensures that the body can be tied to an object, but no adhesive residue remains. This means that the bondage tape can of course be easily removed from the body without pain and without pulling out hair. With a normal tape, the pain and free waxing are unfortunately included, depending on the tape, sometimes residues of the adhesive also remain on objects and pieces of furniture. Another advantage of bondage tape is that it can be recycled. The tape can be easily rolled up again after use and is then ready for another bondage adventure. The tape is used as an erotic prop to tie up and torture the entire body or to blindfold the passive.

Bondage tape comes in different widths and also colours. It is made of a rather thin plastic, mostly PVC or latex. Special bondage tapes are also made of a latex-free cotton blend. These are more breathable in comparison, but also more expensive. But bondage tape is not exclusively for tying up. You can also use it to make your own latex outfits. Whether for the next fetish party or simply to surprise your partner with your newly "clothed" body. Since the bondage tape can be cut to different lengths and is also stretchable, it is ideal for wrapping yourself completely in bondage tape. Most bondage tapes can be stretched to well over twice their original length. There are also tapes that are less flexible. These are usually a little thicker. A special form of bondage tape is the bondage stretch film. It is tear-resistant, much wider than normal bondage tape and is well suited for wrapping the partner completely in it.

In principle, only the lady may tape the gentleman, and vice versa only if the gentleman is already known to the lady from several dates.

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