Bust size

The bust size describes the circumference of a woman's breasts, measured at the widest part of the bust. The bust size alone is not a measure of breast size because the whole torso and the breast must be added together for this. The size of the bust is most clearly determined with the bra size, which is composed of the circumference of the upper body under the bust and the cup size. The larger the actual bust, the larger the cup size, which is given in letters. If there is only a small difference between the total bust circumference and the underbust circumference.

There is, for example, a small cup size A. The average German woman wears bra size 80C, which corresponds to an underbust measurement of 80 cm and a bust measurement of 96-98 cm. A woman's breast is one of the important secondary sexual characteristics and has a strong arousing effect on many men. Its actual function is to provide milk for the offspring, but nowadays, the sexual significance of the breast has come to the fore. The female breast is made up of a glandular body, fatty tissue and connective tissue. Their size and shape vary individually and are influenced by hereditary predisposition, weight, age, hormones and breastfeeding. Colloquial expressions for the female bust are, for example, tits, boobs, and bells. In addition, one also speaks of a lot of wood in front of the hut, for example, if a woman has a large bust. Many men like big breasts, and many women want to conform to this ideal of beauty. Big tits are glorified, especially in the porn industry.

Women with small breasts sometimes feel that they are not sexually attractive enough. Some of these women try, for example, to achieve the optical impression of a larger bust size with push-up bras or lined bras. Others take the step of having their breasts surgically enlarged. This type of breast enlargement can be performed either with the patient's own fat or with implants, and is referred to by doctors as mammary augmentation. Breast surgery is now the most common cosmetic operation. The costs for this are around €3000 upwards. Conversely, there are also women who find their natural breasts too large and therefore undergo breast reduction. Women who are unhappy with the shape, weight, or sagging of their breasts can have breast reduction surgery. The breasts can be either reduced in size and/or tightened. Back problems are often the reason for this operation, as the weight of large breasts can put a lot of strain on the spine. So, you can see that many women are unhappy with their bust size, whether it is too big or too small. Some of them are even so dissatisfied that they accept high costs as well as risks and pain to adjust their breasts to their personal ideal of beauty. If there are no medical reasons for breast surgery, women can try to work on their body image instead of having surgery. A positive body image means appreciation and acceptance of one's own body as it is. It requires some liberation from the ideal image shown in the media and preferred by some men.

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