After making an appointment by telephone, the callgirl either comes to you or you go to her. Call girls are also often ordered in hotels, for example by business travellers. Nowadays, many appointments are no longer made only by means of telephone calls, but are increasingly made via social media in accordance with the times. However, the term callgirl remains. The history of the callgirl is probably one of the longest in history. After all, it is not said for nothing that the business of sex is the oldest trade in the world. Call girls or prostitutes (from the Latin prostituere for to display or offer oneself) have been performing sexual acts for money for ages. To be more precise, for over 3,000 years. Even in ancient times, love work was exchanged for cash or valuable objects or gifts. Traditionally, however, love services were exclusively used by men, although some Greeks and Romans already had callboys. Nowadays, however, at the latest during equal rights, it is quite common for women to order a lover for a few hours.

The duration of a meeting with the callgirl as well as the sex practices are part of the prior agreement. The same applies to the payment, which is usually made right at the beginning of the meeting. Many call girls offer most common positions as well as oral sex, but also have taboos such as anal sex or SM. If you are looking for more special love services, you will certainly find what you are looking for. Because, like everywhere else on the market, demand determines supply. Are you looking for a lady for hot bondage games or an evening together in a swingers club? No problem, a specialized callgirl will be happy to fulfil your wishes. However, you must always keep one thing in mind: You are buying a few hours of togetherness and sex — but by no means the person or the callgirl. These ladies deserve the same respect as anyone else and insults, violence or refusal to pay are absolutely unacceptable. Quite a few call girls work in brothels for practical reasons and for their safety. However, they are usually not employed by the owner, but only rent the room and therefore work independently. Incidentally, the profession of callgirl has only been recognized in Germany since 2002. Before that, the ladies were forced to do their work more or less illegally. For twenty years now, however, call girls have been able to register as sole traders. This means they pay social security contributions and taxes and are insured. A big step that finally grants the love workers the same rights as any other employee.

Even though most call girls have regular check-ups, you should take care of your health when having sex with an order lady. A condom is therefore always a must, many women even insist on it to protect themselves. You can also always rely on a callgirl to know exactly what she is doing and which buttons to push on you. After all, the ladies have a wealth of experience and will definitely give you a lot of pleasure. So if you want a nice sex date, a callgirl will definitely help you out.

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