The cane is originally a long, straight walking stick or baton made of a light, elastic wood such as bamboo, which was used for punishment. In the past, the cane was used mainly in schools and also in child education to punish undesirable behaviour. In those days, the cane was used to hit children on the fingers or even on the buttocks. What is largely forbidden today as a means of education for minors still takes place in the BDSM scene, of course exclusively between adults. Punishment is still the main focus when it comes to the cane. In BDSM, the cane is often used in role-play as a means of punishment. These role-plays range from the strict teacher and pupil, to the authoritarian parent chastising their child. Such adult play role-plays are not uncommon in the BDSM field, and therefore it is also obvious that the cane finds its use. For punishments with the cane, the dominant partner (Dom) beats the submissive partner (Sub). The hardness is determined by the two partners before they begin their joint adventure.

In addition, it is also decided in advance which part of the body may be hit with the cane and which may not. Today's canes are around 70 centimetres long, made of plastic, aluminium, or wood or coated with rubber. They can be bought in online shops as well as in erotic shops. The cane can cause pleasure and pain for the sadist, i.e., the dominant partner, as well as for the masochist. If you want to approach the cane slowly, you should choose a softer model and start with strokes on the buttocks. This is usually the area that is best padded. Under no circumstances should the cane be used to hit the head or spine forcefully, as this can cause serious and even permanent damage. The Dom should always know his strength and not inflict any permanent damage on his submissive partner with the cane.

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