Charity shag

When someone talks about a 'charity shag', they're not on about the phone number for the local homeless shelter. Nor is it about the registration number of some charity or a donation fund, like you might think. But, in a roundabout way, a 'charity shag' does have a bit to do with doing something nice.

No one's really sure when the term first popped up. It's not as harsh-sounding as the more common 'pity shag'. Basically, it's about a bloke or a lass sleeping with someone who's not exactly a looker. Why? Well, as mentioned, it's usually out of pity. Let's face it, almost everyone feels better after a bit of how's your father. You get attention, some company, and the hormones make sure you feel pretty good afterwards.

Still, the term isn't exactly charming, and most people who do the deed out of sheer sympathy aren't likely to broadcast it. You hear 'charity shag' more when relationships go south. Sadly, people often feel the need to insult each other when things end badly. Being called a 'charity shag' in that context can really sting and bruise the ego.

It might happen that you end up in bed with someone you don't find attractive or good-looking at all, often when you're a bit tipsy, like after parties. But it's best not to use such a belittling term. Better yet, don't mention it at all. One important and fair thing, though: Make it clear to the person you did the favor for, out of sympathy, that the 'helpline hookup' wasn't based on feelings and definitely isn't leading to a relationship.

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