Chastisement games

Erotic spanking is about intentionally harming the passive person, usually in the form of physical pain. If this takes place by mutual agreement, the sub feels satisfaction and/or excitement from his pre-arranged punishment/chastisement. This can be cane, cable, hairbrush, whip, spatula or carpet beater beatings on any part of the body such as thighs, back, buttocks or private parts, clothed or not. Bare hand slapping can offend, but it can also spur and excite.

Chastisement games can be combined with bondage and the gagging, so that the bound person is completely at the mercy of the punishment. In the S&M scene, it is very hard here, equally a gentle spanking during lovemaking can increase the pleasure. Likewise, a spanking can also be seen as provoked and beatings as accepted and willing, if the sub voluntarily bends over and presents the (naked) butt.

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