Also known as nipple clamps, labia clamps or testicle clamps. You can use commercially available clothes clips made of plastic or wood for this pleasurable pain. Although they are not particularly strong, they can still cause a slight pain in sensitive areas. Then there are special clamps that can be purchased in special shops and online shops. These can be made of metal or plastic. Some have small points on the front. The strength of these clips can usually be adjusted. Using a wheel, you can adjust whether the clamps should sit very lightly or more firmly. Some nipple clamps have a chain or a metal rod between the clamps to connect them. Another type of nipple clamp is a metal circle into which four screws are screwed to tighten the nipple ring. Depending on how tight you tighten which of the four screws, you influence your partner's pain level. Some couples wear these clamps to give their partner pleasure and for aesthetic reasons, they can be decorated with stones or pearls. But mainly you find such clamps in the S&M area. Here things are a bit tighter. Often, weights are attached to the clamps and clips. In addition, ropes or chains can be attached to many clamps to tie up the partner.

Labia clamps can be similar to nipple clamps, but there is also a special clamp especially for the labia. This clamp has the shape of the labia. One inside and one outside. The labia are clamped between these two parts and tightened at the top and bottom through a set screw.

In the BDSM scene, nipple, testicle, or labia clamps are often used as punishment for the sub. Sporadically, these are also tightened without loosening them to punish or inflict pain on the sub. However, these practices should only be done with prior agreement and a stop word should always be agreed upon to end such a practice immediately. Escort ladies do not usually allow nipple clamps or anything else to be put on. However, a few ladies make exceptions if they already know the guest well and a relationship of trust has formed between the guest and the lady. However, nipple clamps are not part of the normal basic equipment of an escort lady. If you wish such a practice, it is advisable to book a fetish escort lady or a BDSM escort lady. They usually have nipple clamps in their repertoire and also like to use them on their guests.

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