A collar can be worn as a piece of jewellery and fashion accessory, as well as for tying around the neck. Collars differ from necklaces in that they fit tightly around the neck and are usually a little wider. In the 90s, the black plastic collar, which resembled a tattoo, set a trend. But not only are collars in all shapes, colours and materials fashionable again, they are used especially in the BDSM scene for humiliation and punishment. Wearing a collar emphasizes the submissiveness of a bottom (sub) to his top (dom). Thus, the sub puts on the collar and the Dom has the leash in his hand, not only in a figurative sense, and thus the leadership over the sub. Of course, the collars in the BDSM scene differ considerably from the fashionable pioneers of the 90s. Often the collars are made of leather or imitation leather. They can be of different widths. Some are padded on the inside so that the leather does not rub against the skin. Others are reinforced with metal so that the sub has little freedom of movement. The collars can be adjusted and put on as tightly as you like by buckles. Most collars have an eyelet into which a leash or chain can be attached. A special type of eyelet is the “Ring of O”. (Originating from the book “History of the O” from 1954, in which the lady O is trained to be a sub). This ring of O signals the affiliation to a top, but often also the affiliation to the BDSM scene.

Other chains or ropes can also be attached to the various eyelets to tie up the sub. The Dom can thus walk with his sub tied up on a leash to dominate and humiliate the sub. The collars can also be used as punishment. In extreme cases, collars are also used to reduce breathing. This sex practice must definitely be agreed upon beforehand and should never be done by laymen, as it can cause considerable damage. Of course, escort ladies may also wear a collar from time to time, but rather as fashion jewellery and not as a sign of their submissiveness because escort ladies do not allow their guests to put on a collar. However, some ladies are willing to take the lead and put a collar on the gentleman and dominate him. Special fetish escorts, or also BDSM escorts, have already had experience or even training in this to know how to handle the collar on their guest.

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