Couple visits

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Be it in the interaction, communication with each other or in bed. To gain some momentum again, some couples have the idea of bringing another playmate into bed with them. But there doesn't always have to be a problem behind it for a couple to book an escort. Trying something new, pursuing their sexual inclinations, or just the fun of a couple's visit can bring a couple to it. There are some important things that need to be clarified before booking an escort for a couple visit.

Does the partner want them at all? Only when this has been openly communicated, the couple should take the step and book a lady for the couple visit. Booking an escort lady as a surprise without having talked about it directly can backfire and instead of an erotic adventure, you get the cold shoulder. Now the next question arises. Does the partner also want to have sexual fun with the escort lady? Be it exchanging hot kisses, caressing each other, licking each other or even having sex with each other? If this is the case, be sure to pay attention to her sexual inclination when choosing the escort lady or to the point in intimates “Lady books escort lady”. Not every lady who offers a couple visit takes care of both the lady and the gentleman. Should the lady does not have a bisexual inclination or just not offer the pleasure with another lady, then the escort lady will exclusively take care of the gentleman. Basically, the difficulty with newcomers in this field is that the partner can become jealous if her partner turns to the escort lady more or more often than to her/himself. The escort ladies are also prepared for such situations and know how to deal with these situations.

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