The term cybersex, or virtual sex, internet sex or net sex for short, has been known to us since about 1990. The term covers all kinds of sexual eroticism, visually depicted eroticism and pornography in the online world. Cybersex takes place on the net, is consumed in front of the screen and really gets you hot — sexually speaking, of course. It's not just about looking at and exchanging pictures, but also about sexy messages. In German-speaking countries, cybersex, or most of its subtypes, are relatively widespread and fully accepted by a good two-thirds of society. An estimated 25% of all adults even use the internet regularly to watch erotic films or engage in dirty talk at a distance. Furthermore, and especially in long-distance relationships, this kind of sexual exchange helps to reduce the distance and maintain mutual erotic attraction. In detail, the interests in the individual branches of C6, as cybersex is often abbreviated, often go in different directions for men and women. For the men of creation, the erotic kick is often triggered most by porn or erotic films. The ladies, on the other hand, are more into erotic stories, phone sex and sending and receiving messages. They like to use text messages or e-mails to turn on their partner at work and thus prepare for the hoped-for evening flirtation. Men predominantly use cybersex to directly prepare for sexual intercourse or masturbation. Both sexes are most reticent about online video phone calls. Understandable, since it takes a certain amount of courage and self-expression to do a striptease in front of the computer camera or even to satisfy oneself.

It is interesting that about 70% of cybersex activities take place during working hours. One can only assume that the thrill of being caught makes it even more interesting for many users. Of course, there are also quite a few couples who like to have a sex chat together or watch a hot film to get in the mood. Somewhat shy people also like to send their partner a link to a few pictures or a film sequence. It's a really great way to share secret sex fantasies and desires. Apart from the pleasure, there are a few other factors why C6 is becoming more and more widespread. You can remain anonymous, online sex is available 24/7, and it's cheap. Similarly, people who find it difficult to meet sexual partners in real life have no trouble finding numerous offers on the net. However, cybersex, as erotic and versatile as it may be, can of course not replace real closeness to a human being. And cybersex can indeed lead to a kind of addiction or dependence. For example, there are those people who spend several hours a day in front of the PC and consume sex online. Or those who can't even get in the mood without the stimulation of virtual images and messages. But apart from such extremes, there is nothing wrong with a porno now and then or a few hot text flirts with your sweetheart. On the contrary, it can boost each other's sex appetite and even in long partnerships lead to the sheets being rumpled again. And occasionally relationships even result from C6 acquaintances, which is not that unusual. After all, you already know what turns the other person on and that they are also into online sex.

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