Eye mask

Of course, an eye mask is not a beauty treatment for drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes. An eye mask is also not something you use to blindfold your partner so that he or she can no longer see anything, but it is still similar. The difference between an eye mask and a blindfold is that the wearer can see something through the eye mask. It can be used to support a seductive and mysterious look. There are eye masks in different variations, shapes and also colours. Some eye masks are tied to the back of the head, others can be fastened behind the ears. There are also eye masks that are attached to a stick so that you can hold them all the time. The advantage is that they are quick and easy to take off, but the disadvantage is that you only have one hand available if you want to avoid taking your mask off.

Eye masks mainly cover the eye area, part of the forehead and sometimes the nose. Masks that cover more are then already face masks and rarely belong to the eye mask category. Masks for the face are especially popular in pet play and general role play. Leather cat masks with cute little noses and pointed ears. Sexy lace veil latex masks that veil the face area, although the wearer can still see everything. Spiked and strapped leather masks for S&M. Ropes or chains and other restraint options can be attached to the straps so that the partner only has a limited field of vision and cannot move. Fetish parties and swingers clubs often have theme nights where all visitors have to wear an eye mask. On the one hand, this serves to avoid being recognized, and on the other hand, of course, it gives all those present a special thrill or attraction to meet someone they don't know.

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