Facesitting is when one of the partners sits on the other's face with their private parts or buttocks. It is derived from the English face, for faces, and sitting, for sitting. The intimate smell, the moisture, the licking, and nibbling in the intimate area excite the lying partner. Another word for Facesitting is queening. The superiority, the power over the reclining partner as well as being licked excite the sitting partner. If a woman sits on her partner's face, she usually gets cunnilingus. Cunnilingus is the licking, sucking and gentle nibbling of the labia minora, labia majora and clitoris. In short, the woman is licked. Anilingus is also possible, where the lips, teeth, and tongue are used to stimulate the anus and the surrounding region. Of course, the man can also receive an anilingus while sitting on his partner's face.

In addition, the man can receive a fellatio. Here the penis, the perineum or even the trousers are pampered with the tongue, the lips, or the teeth.  This sex practice is better known under the term blowjob. In the sex practice of Facesitting, the dominant part has the opportunity to determine how firmly he sits on the other person's face. Depending on the position, the legs can fix the partner's head so that he can no longer move his head. In addition, the Dom has the possibility to take the partner's breath away by Facesitting. This practice is also called breath reduction. Both partners must have a lot of trust in each other and agree beforehand how far the partner is allowed to go. It is important that the sub gives a sign to stop this practice immediately. For special practices in the BDSM area, there are also special seats to sit better on the partner's face, or special boxes called oral boxes or smother boxes. A special Facesitting position is called reverse Facesitting. Here, the partner sits on the face with the face looking towards the lower body. The advantage of this position is that the partner on the bottom can be pampered with fingers or sex toys. In addition, the top has the opportunity to orally pleasure his partner by bending forward.

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