Facial insemination

Is the ejaculation, that is, the semen on the woman's face. Many men are stimulated by the sight of ejaculated semen on the lady's face. To put facial insemination in a more sophisticated way, it involves the man ejaculating into his partner's face. In the erotic field this practice is also called cum shot, money shot or face-shot. The goal is always the same, namely that the man ejaculates in the woman's face. The way to achieve this can be very different. For example, the couple can have classic sex in which the man's penis penetrates the woman's vagina. Shortly before orgasm, which usually triggers ejaculation, the man pulls his penis out of the vagina and ejaculates in the woman's face. Colloquially, one also says he squirts all over her. Another way to face-shot is oral intercourse. Here the lady spoils the man with her mouth, also called blowing. In fellatio or blowjob, the man pulls his penis out of the woman's mouth just before he shoots and squirts her in the face. The advantage over vaginal sex is clearly that the distance is not so long, and the penis can really be pampered to the end. The third option we have mentioned is the hand job or masturbation.

There are two variations here. The woman jerks the man off until he comes and squirts his semen in her face. The second variant is that the man satisfies himself until he comes, kneels over the woman, and then squirts in her face. Watching the man inseminate the woman's face triggers a renewed wave of ecstasy in addition to the orgasm. Caution is advised during facial insemination if the woman gets the sperm in her eye. This could be unpleasant for the lady for a while. Otherwise, the partners should always agree whether she wants this practice at all. Since some ladies don't like the taste of the sperm, facial insemination is accurately the ideal way to complete the blow job and have the sperm sprayed into the face instead of the mouth at the moment of ejaculation.

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