Feathers can be used very well during sex, especially during foreplay. It is not a special sex practice or a precisely defined use of the feathers. The partner can be touched all over the body with the feather. Clarify with your partner beforehand whether he or she is ticklish in certain places and therefore does not want to be touched there with a feather. If you blindfold your partner, it makes the whole foreplay even more erotic because your partner does not know what is coming and what will happen. Feathers of all shapes, colours, and types are used. There are small and soft feathers, ostrich feathers are particularly delicate, usually very downy, or large feathers, such as those of a peacock. Please ensure that no feathers are taken from the street for this purpose. Since birds can transmit diseases or even vermin, you should use purchased feathers for sexual foreplay. The soft touch of the feathers relaxes the partner and makes it easier for him or her to let go. Then there is the feather tickler. This consists of a short or long handle or rod and a bundle of feathers attached to the tip of the handle. Even though this sounds like a very sensual and romantic foreplay, feathers are also used in the BDSM scene.

You can use the feathers to punish your partner by tickling him or her right there, tied to the bed, until the partner begs for release. Blindfolded and bound, the sub is completely at the mercy of his Dom and with every movement of the Dom, the sub asks himself the question: “Will I be touched and caressed with the feather, or will I be whipped with the whip?” This play and uncertainty and anticipation can make BDSM play really exciting. That's why there are special feather ticklers that have the bundle of feathers on one side and leather straps on the other like a flogger or even a flat, wide piece of leather like a paddle. This way you don't have to switch between different toys, but have two toys at hand at once. Feather ticklers can also be used in role play. For example, instead of a feather duster, a feather tickler can be used as a good accessory for a servant. Together with a maid's skirt, the look is perfect. Feather and feather tickler are only meant for external use. Neither the feathers nor the feather tickler should be inserted into body orifices. In combination with liquids, the small and delicate feathers can stick together and make further use impossible. In addition, the feathers cannot be cleaned.

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