The term “foil” does not refer to a specific sex practice, but to a utensil for carrying out a certain sex practice. We are talking about tying up or bondage. But the foil is also often used for certain fetishes. There are different types of foil that can be used for bondage. One is the classic transparent cling film that everyone has in their kitchen. On the other hand, there is special bondage stretch film, which can be found on the internet or in erotic shops in different colours, widths, and thicknesses. The bondage stretch film, just like the bondage tape, has the property that it does not stick to surfaces or the skin, but only anoints itself. This has the advantage that the expensive film (260 metres for just under €45) can simply be rolled up again after bondage. It is made of the same material as the Bondagetape, usually a certain PVC mixture or another thin plastic. Another advantage of bondage sheeting is that it stretches easily and does not tear so quickly.

So, the Dom tying up your partner can very well between tight and not so tight. Cling film from the kitchen can also be used for bondage. However, it often sticks together so tightly that it is difficult to roll it up and use it again, and the elasticity of cling film is not as high as that of special bondage film. In addition, cling film is not particularly tear-resistant. You should always have a pair of scissors, preferably with rounded tips, so that you can always cut the film in an emergency.

You can now use both types of cling film to wrap and tie up different parts of your partner's body, or you can tie up and wrap the whole body. The effect of both films is the same. The partner is tied up and as a side effect, your partner gets quite hot, literally. Since they are impermeable to air, the heat accumulates under the foil after a short time and the bound partner, the sub, begins to sweat. If you leave out individual parts of the body, these can be stroked with a feather or even beaten with a flogger. You can combine the bondage foils with other and further utensils, such as hand and foot cuffs, or also with various implements. To punish your partner. You can also use the foil to make your latex outfit.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using foil bondage. Never leave your partner completely wrapped in the foil for too long. The body completely wrapped in foil can no longer regulate the heat and overheats. Due to the amount of sweat produced by the body, the bound partner becomes dehydrated. Therefore, you should release your partner from the foil bondage after at least 2-3 hours. In addition, the risk of blood vessels being squeezed is always very high, so always make sure that the foil is not too tight.  Agree on a stop word with your partner beforehand that ends the whole practice with one blow.

As a rule, escort ladies do not let guests tie them up with foil. Some ladies offer it to men who have already met several times and between whom a certain relationship of trust already exists. Especially fetish and BDSM ladies like to tie up the gentlemen with foil and know exactly how to make the men sweat. But also, other escort ladies are often not averse to actively practising bondage and then tying up the man with a foil.

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