Foreplay is the phase of sexual intercourse before the actual act (or also: penetration, coitus). It refers to actions that increase sexual arousal. These include cuddling, petting, massages, kissing and oral sex. Foreplay serves both the physical and emotional preparation for sex. So on a physical level, foreplay is not just a pleasure, but an actual preparation for sex that slowly gets our bodies going. For example, it increases blood flow to the sexual organs. At the same time, the pulse also increases very slowly. On an emotional level, foreplay drives the feeling of ecstasy, intimacy, and affection between partners. If the warm-up before sex is neglected, intercourse can feel unimaginative, awkward or even painful. The importance of foreplay is often underestimated (especially by men). Yet, foreplay is of great importance for a woman's orgasm. The female body takes longer to reach the level of arousal required for an orgasm.

Preferences for foreplay vary from person to person. But no matter which way, the process of sexual arousal always helps the vagina create natural lubrication. Lubrication is essential for pleasurable sex and orgasms, so it's worth investing some time in foreplay. The longer foreplay is, the wetter women tend to get. And what man doesn't like penetrating a really wet vulva? There is no particular order to the various types of foreplay. Some couples enjoy role-playing, others would rather stimulate certain parts of the body to increase arousal. Foreplay should depend on what both partners enjoy. In any case, kisses and mutual caressing should not be missing before sex. Skin contact or closeness all over the body is another important component of foreplay. Women love to feel the man's whole body against theirs. Partners discover special preferences best during regular sex with each other.

The most popular types of foreplay also include striptease, dirty talk, bondage, and role play. The use of special sex toys is possible, but everyday objects such as wax, feathers or ice cubes can also provide variety during foreplay. Tantra foreplay is about connecting spiritually first. Tantric massages and looking at each other cross-legged with palms touching are common forms of tantric foreplay. Bathing or showering together are also very promising erotic warm-ups. However, it is important with unusual practices that both parties enjoy it and that no boundaries are crossed. The erotic warm-up therefore ensures that the woman gets going and is nice and wet. In addition, intimacy improves the bond between the partners, which can also have a beneficial effect on everyday life outside the bed. Tender physical contact makes women in particular happier and promotes their desire for sex. So if you seek physical closeness with your partner in between times, you will be able to have sex with her more often.

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