French eroticism

Generally speaking, French eroticism is everything that is done with the mouth, i.e., oral, on a person. More specifically, French is mainly understood to mean licking and the blowjob.

The technical term for oral sex for women is called cunnilingus, or colloquially known as “licking”.  The sexual partner can lick both the outer and inner labia. The tip of the tongue can also be used to lick both the clitoris and the vaginal entrance. But as is so often the case in the erotic world, one word does not always mean the other. So “licking” is also used as a synonym for sucking or even gentle nibbling. A woman's clitoris has about as many nerve endings as a man's glans, so if you look at the area of both, you'll realize pretty quickly that this is a very sensitive spot. So in French eroticism you should definitely pay attention to the signals of the woman. If she stretches her pelvis towards her partner, she likes it; if she pulls it back, this is usually a sign of discomfort. In addition to French eroticism, you can massage or finger the woman's vagina.

Oral sex with a man is known in the trade as fellatio, colloquially also “blowjob”. However, this word can be misinterpreted because it is neither blowing on the penis nor blowing with the penis in the mouth, but sucking, licking, or nibbling on it. The whole penis can be taken into the mouth, or just the glans. The sexual partner licks around the glans, along the shaft of the penis or even the testicles and scrotum of the man. It is the same with sucking. Either only the glans is sucked, or the whole penis is taken into the mouth. Deep throat is a special oral sex practice. Here the penis is taken so deep into the mouth that it reaches the throat. During oral sex, the man's penis can also be massaged, rubbed and pampered with his hand. 

French can be performed in various positions, standing, kneeling, sitting or lying down. A popular position is 69, where both partners can pleasure each other orally. An additional position that is often used during oral sex is Facesitting. Here, one partner sits on the face of the other and allows himself to be orally pampered.

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