French kissing

This is a special kind of kissing. Here, the partner's tongues touch each other. Both open their mouths and the tongue enters the mouth of the other person. A French kiss releases sex hormones and feelings of happiness, and often increases lust. 

For many, French kissing is a very intimate thing, sometimes even more intimate than the sexual act itself. French kisses are often a sign of affection. But it is not only the touching of tongues that makes a French kiss. It's as simple as licking your partner's lips or gently biting or sucking on them. There are no exact instructions for the perfect French kiss. Theoretically, it has to please both partners, and everyone kisses differently. The important thing is that a French kiss is all about the tongue and maybe the lips, neither partner has to put their tongue down the other's throat, so less is often more. For some couples, the perfect French kiss is a gentle and light touching of the tips of their tongues. Other couples love it when their tongues circle each other wildly.  Whether couples like the wilder French kiss or the calmer version varies. And don't worry if the first French kiss isn't the perfect kiss. Couples quickly get used to each other. The best thing is to show or tell your partner how you like it best. If both partners are thoroughly unique, you will certainly find a middle path.

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